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The ECG Made Easy-Book by John R Hampton 8th Edition
The ECG Made Easy-Book by John R Hampton 8th Edition

The ECG Made Easy-Book by John R Hampton  Still this is the Best eBook ever for ECG Reading and Learning John R. Hampton is making these things more Easier for us.The imaging techniques of contemporary ‘high-tech’ cardiology have failed to eclipse the primacy of the 12-lead ECG in the initial evaluation of heart disease. This simple, cost-effective and readily available diagnostic modality continues to intrigue and baffle the clinician as much as it confuses the student. A colossal volume of literature on understanding ECG bears testimony to this fact.

  • This book is yet another humble attempt to bring the subject of ECG closer to the hearts of students and clinicians in a simple and concise form.
  • As the chapters unfold, the subject gradually evolves from basics to therapeutics. Although emphasis is on ECG diagnosis, causation of abnormalities and their clinical relevance are briefly mentioned too.
  • This should help students preparing for their examinations without having to
    search through voluminous textbooks.
  • While some arrhythmias are harmless, others are ominous and life-threatening.

The clinical challenge lies in knowing the cause of an arrhythmia, its significance, differential diagnosis and practical aspects of management. Therefore, seemingly similar cardiac rhythms are discussed together under individual chapter headings. Medical students, resident doctors, nurses and technicians will find this format particularly useful.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of writing this book and found teaching as pleasurable as learning. Since the scope for further refinement always remains, it is a privilege to bring out the vastly improved 4th edition of ECG Made Easy.
Your appreciation, comments and criticisms are bound to spur me on even further.