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Oxford Handbook of Urology- 4th Edition eBook PDF download

Oxford Handbook of Urology- 4th Edition eBook PDF download

Oxford Handbook of Urology- 4th Edition
Oxford Handbook of Urology- 4th Edition
  • Features new and expanded topics, including transplant and dialysis, paediatric antenatal hydronephrosis, megaureter and incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, and a review and revision of cancer topics to come in line with new recommendations.

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  • Fully updated guidelines and recommendations from national and international bodies, including AUA, EAU, NICE, and BAUS.


  • A new co-author, Naomi Sharma, has been added to the author team to ensure the handbook caters to the level and needs of junior doctors.


  • Urological controversies have been included, to guide doctors’ consultations with the patient.


Covering a wide spectrum of diseases and their treatment in the field of urology and surgical aspects of kidney, bladder, prostate and scrotal disorders, this handbook aims to give a brief overview of many different urological subjects including urological emergencies, cancers, infections, children’s disorders and kidney stone disease. It is designed so that it can be quickly and efficiently accessed by a range of professionals involved in patient care, including medical students, nurses, surgical and urology doctors and general practitioners

The book comes with the more comprehensive topic in urology.also, best to be up-to-date in urology speciality.

finally one of the best book for reference

if you need more description please visit  the internet, i have shared only my experience




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