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Atlas of Gynecologic Cytopathology PDF

Atlas of Gynecologic Cytopathology PDF

Atlas of gynecologic cytopathology PDF

Atlas of Gynecologic Cytopathology PDF has had a remarkable history, essentially in establishing the fi eld of cytopathology and greatly contributing to the prevention of cervical cancer worldwide. In spite of numerous controversies and challenges throughout the decades, the Pap test remains one of the most utilized and successful cancer screening tests and has been adapted to meet the needs of modern patients and physicians. Although it is uncertain how the  development of human papillomavirus testing and vaccination will affect the future use of the Pap test, pathologists and trainees must remain intimately familiar with the cytomorphologic characteristics of the cervicovaginal cytology samples as well as their histopathologic correlates.

Educational curricula for cytomorphology criteria, laboratory methodologies, and quality assurance/quality control processes learned over the years from the Pap test form a foundation on which the rest of cytopathology expands.
The intention of this atlas is to expose the reader to highquality images that represent the various morphologies seen
within each diagnostic category. Th e images are coupled with captions that direct the reader’s attention to important
histomorphological features and provide high-yield, updated information about each entity.

Atlas of Gynecologic Cytopathology PDF may be used as a study guide or as a quick reference next to the microscope.The authors humbly dedicate this book to their mentors. Christopher VandenBussche thanks his mentors, from whom he continues to learn: Drs. Syed Ali, Yener Erozan, and Dorothy Rosenthal. Dr. Syed Ali owes his entire academic success to the most wonderful teachers he had the privilege to be trained with: Drs. Dorothy Rosenthal, Yener Erozan, and Steven Hajdu. Dr. Dorothy Rosenthal was mentored by George Wied and Leopold Koss, to whom she owes enormous gratitude for their contributions to her professional education. Russell Vang would like to acknowledge Drs. Robert Kurman and Brigitte Ronnett for their mentoring over the years, as well as continued support and encouragement, and to Evelyn Hinton, his division’s administrative coordinator, for her invaluable assistance.

Atlas of Gynecologic Cytopathology PDF


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