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Best of Five MCQs for the Acute Medicine SCE PDF

Best of Five MCQs for the Acute Medicine SCE PDF


Best of Five MCQs for the Acute Medicine SCE PDF for the acute medicine specialty certificate examination (SCE) is the exit exam for acute medicine higher specialty trainees in the UK, which needs to be passed before trainees are awarded a Certificate of Completion of Training. It should be taken towards the end of your registrar training. It consists of two papers, each with 100 questions. The questions are in ‘best of five’ format.

You are given a question stem, which is usually a clinical scenario, and then five possible answers from which you need to choose the most correct one. The exam is computer based, and questions can be flagged for later review. For each paper you have three hours, giving you about 1 minute 45 seconds per question plus 5 minutes for review. Both papers are done on the same day, with a break for lunch.Nigel and Louise have passed the SCE (in 2012 and 2011 respectively). When it came to revising, it was clear there was a lack of appropriate revision material, hence the need for this book.

Best of Five MCQs for the Acute Medicine SCE PDF covers the acute internal medicine curriculum (2012) and at the end of each answer you are given relevant additional reading—for instance, national guidelines—so you can easily find additional information. The book is divided into chapters according to subject to make it easier to revise.

Of course, in the exam, the questions are random, so you don’t know that you are answering a question about cardiology, for example. You can pick questions randomly from the book to more reflect the exam if you choose.

All the questions and answers were correct at the time of writing. However, acute medicine is everchanging, which is what makes it so exciting, so very new guidance may not be included.
The editors had a lot of help in writing this book from a wide variety of specialists to ensure the questions are accurate and up to date. The editors would like to thank all of the individual chapter editors for their contribution, without which it would not have been possible.


Best of Five MCQs for the Acute Medicine SCE PDF

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