Rush University Medical Center Review of surgery PDF


Rush University Medical Center Review of surgery PDF

Review of surgery

Rush University Medical Center Review of Surgery are pleased to present the 6th edition of this book. This edition includes 35 chapters divided into 9 sections. Four chapters that were deemed less relevant to board preparation were eliminated, and several sections were recon gured. All remaining chapters were updated and enhanced to impart the most up-to-date knowledge to the reader. Each subject was once again based on current practice and referenced with widely read textbooks of surgery.

Contributions for this text were solicited from more than 60 active clinicians, all presently or formerly af li- ated with Rush University. Topics cover current knowledge in the rapidly evolving eld of medicine, incorporating surgical care, basic science, patient safety, core competencies, and multispecialty disease-driven care.
We are con dent that the 6th edition of the Rush University Medical Center Review of Surgery will continue to provide a basis for the reader to gain the knowledge needed in general surgery and associated specialties and serve as a primer to those preparing for certication exams.

Rush University Medical Center Review of Surgery have been divided into 35 chapters, split into 9 sections, which should facilitate a review of the material for certi cation, or maintenance of certi cation, in general surgery.

Each section contains a variable number of chapters, encompassing questions, and the corresponding com- ments and references attached to each question. Most questions are followed by one or more references that link them to a relevant textbook and to selected articles. Authors sought evidence-based material as appropriate. A select best answer format is utilized. At the end of each question, a letter indicates the preferred answer, followed by comments elaborating on the topic. A list of references is included at the end of each chapter.Words and phrases appearing in boldface type within the text indicate links to facilitate a search of the mate- rial to be reviewed.

Rush University Medical Center Review PDF