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Oxford handbook of nephrology and hypertension 2nd Edition PDF

Oxford handbook of nephrology and hypertension 2nd Edition PDF


Edition : 2nd Edition

Format : PDF

Authors : Simon steddon , Neil ashman , Alistair Chester , John Cunningham


Oxford handbook of nephrology and hypertension 2nd Edition PDF is  to recognize and understand renal disease and hypertension is an important part of practice in almost any area of medicine. Acute renal failure, often preventable, occurs in up to 7% of all hospital admissions and remains responsible for much morbidity and mortality. The recent
reclassifi cation of chronic kidney disease (CKD) has exposed the scale of a
serious public health issue, relevant to all medical practitioners both in pri-
mary and secondary care. Furthermore, irrespective of specialist interest,
regular clinical contact with patients who are dialysis-dependent or who
have undergone renal transplantation is now the norm, not the exception.
Hypertension needs no introduction as the most common indication for
prescription drug therapy and the most important cause of premature
death in the developed world.

Many doctors are nervous of renal disease—there persists a belief that
renal patients suffer exclusively from complex, esoteric conditions that
can only be managed in a specialist environment and by specialists who
are often more diffi cult and demanding than their patients. Our intention
has been to write a concise but robust handbook that is fi rst and fore-
most practical: what needs to be done in a busy casualty department or
GP surgery several miles from the nearest renal unit. We hope it will
be a useful resource not only to doctors, nurses, and other members of
the multiprofessional team already engaged in the care of renal patients
but also to a broader audience. For those interested in how renal dis-
ease evolves, we’ve provided a good grounding in the fundamentals of
nephrology—hopefully dismantling some myths along the way, and giving
readers the confi dence to manage the day-to-day associated with kidney

In line with existing Oxford Handbooks we have attempted to strike a
balance between practical information, helpful to those working ‘at the
coal face’, and the more detailed knowledge that enables effective ongo-
ing care. The authors are all consultants working in busy renal units where
theory and practice are balanced to provide effective and effi cient care.
The book is as up-to-date as possible and a conscious mix of evidence
and reality-based medicine.

The book is laid out in twelve chapters, allowing easy access to infor-
mation on a particular clinical theme. Clinical importance is measured in
space, so diabetic nephropathy is given more attention than, for example,
Fanconi’s syndrome. The section on renal replacement therapies gives an
overview of the essential elements of both dialysis and transplantation.
Those looking for more detailed notes on all aspects of dialysis therapy
are referred to our sister volume The Oxford Handbook of Dialysis , or,
for general nephrology and transplant topics, our parent text The Oxford
Textbook of Nephrology . For completeness, we have included practical pro-
cedures but would ask that these pages are used for guidance only—all
must be taught by experienced operators and cannot be learnt solely from
a book.


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