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Hand book of central auditory processing disorder VOL 1 2nd Edition PDF

Hand book of central auditory processing disorder VOL1 2nd Edition PDF

disease of the central auditory and processing disorders

The handbook begins with an outline of what information should be obtained for the patient’s medical history and review of systems. Subsequent chapters for each of the body systems list equipment needed to perform the examination and present the techniques to be used. Expected and Unexpected Findings follow the description of each technique, presented in distinctive color type for easy recognition. Numerous illustrations interspersed throughout the text reinforce techniques and possible findings. Pediatric ex-
amination variations are highlighted in each body systems chapter.

Each chapter offers Aids to Differential Diagnosis and also provides Sample Documentation, which is focused on a specific patient concern to illustrate good documentation practice. Subjective Data and Objective Data are clearly differentiated for each abnormality in the Aids to Differential Diagnosis section of each chapter in the eighth edition.

As in previous editions, separate chapters give an overview of the entire examination for all adults; for infants, children, and adolescents; for older adults; and for healthy females. The final chapter gives guidelines for Reporting and Recording findings.
New chapters in this edition detail the assessment of Vital Signs and
Pain, an overview of the older adult examination, and an evaluation for
sports participation.

Hand book of central auditory processing disorder VOL 1 2nd Edition PDF


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