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A Textbook of neuroanatomy PDF

A Textbook of neuroanatomy PDF

A textbook of neuroanatomy PDF

A Textbook of Neuroanatomy was written with the student in mind in full knowledge of the apprehension with which he or she faces the prospect of learning a subject matter that
frequently intimidates the student population. The material appears daunting, not only due to its very nature of being associated with polysyllabic words, but also because there
are so many eponyms and synonyms for the myriad of terms that are necessary for the proper description of the nervous system. The good news is that neuroanatomy is simply being maligned by its nefarious reputation, for it is a logical, relat- ively benign subject, whose comprehension does not require Einsteinian brilliance, but merely a willingness to learn the meaning of a large fistful of new words and the ability to read
a map and follow it from one place to another.

A Textbook of neuroanatomy PDF in order to help the student easily achieve the goal of learning neuroanatomy we made this textbook complete, concise, yet easy to read, and well illustrated with many schematic diagrams to expound upon the concepts being discussed. Presenting the material in a relevant context will make the learning
experience simpler, more enjoyable, and more memorable. We envisioned writing a book that was accessible and clear—one that students would not have to wade through in   order to discern key information of human neuroanatomy. We have also highlighted the interrelationships between sys, structures, and the rest of the body as we go through
the various regions of the brain. We think a broad understanding of neuroanatomy, supported with a basic understanding of its physiology, is critical so that students do not
get bogged down memorizing structures but instead learn the principles. This conceptual basis of the “big picture” helps establish the foundation for future studies in the health
sciences and for the logic that helps drive it.

A Textbook of neuroanatomy PDF is divided into two sections. The first nine chapters provide an overview of neuroanatomy that introduces terms, and should be viewed as the vocabulary lessons which are necessary evils in the mastering of a new language. For no matter how well one understands the grammar of a foreign language, it is the possession of a rich vocabulary that permits one to communicate with speakers of that tongue. The second part of this textbook, Chapters 10–23, utilizes the vocabulary of the first part to detail information concerning the various pathways and discrete systems that act in concert
to perform the myriad of functions of the human nervous system.
Special features include:
• chapter opening outlines that provide a quick overview
of the chapter content and organizational logic;
• clinical cases open each chapter, setting the stage for the
relevance of that chapter’s context;
• key points in the chapter are highlighted in the text;
• clinical case questions indicate the relevance of the chap-
ter opening case at key points in the chapter—the answers
appear on the related website;
• summary tables within each chapter function as study
guides to assist students in learning and memorizing;
• clinical considerations sections indicate the medical con-
ditions relevant to the chapter topics;
• synonym/eponym tables help organize the many possi-
ble terms for each vocabulary word;
• a follow-up to each clinical case is given at the end of
each chapter and discusses the opening case, helping tie
together the text and its medical application;
• questions to ponder at the end of each chapter reinforce
the relevance of the material, with the answers to even
questions given on the website and the answers to odd
questions appearing at the end of the book;
• an accompanying website includes all the illustrations,
the even answers.

A Textbook of neuroanatomy PDF

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