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Examination : Obstetrics and gynecology PDF

Examination : Obstetrics and gynecology PDF

Examination : Obstetrics and gynecology PDF stimulated by a recognized need for a readable text on gynecologic cancer and related subjects addressed primarily to the community physician, resident, and other students involved with these patients. The practical aspects of the clinical presenation and management of these problems were heavily emphsized in these editions, and we have continued that style in this text. As in every other textbook, the authors interjected their
own biases on many topics, especially in areas where more than one approach to management has been used. On the other hand, most major topics are treated in depth and supplemented with ample references to current literature so that the text can provide a comprehensive resource for study by the resident, fellow, or student of gynecologic oncology and serve as a source for review material.

We continued the practice of placing an outline on the first page of each chapter as a guide to the content for that section.
We added “bullet” points to the chapters of this edition to emphasize important areas. Readers will notice that we have
included topics not discussed in the former editions and  expanded areas previously introduced. Some of these areas include new guidelines for managing dying patients; current
management and reporting guidelines for cervical and vulvar cancer; current management and reporting guidelines for breast cancer; expanded discussion on the basic principles of genetic alterations in cancer; techniques for laparoscopic surgery in treatment of gynecologic cancers; and new information on breast, cervical, and colon cancer screenings and detection. The Examination : Obstetrics and gynecology PDF , for the first time, color photographs of key gross and microscopic specimens for readers’ review; we have continued that in this edition. In addition, Drs. Di Saia and Creasman have handed the reigns over to the three associate editors. We have included several new authors. Much more
information is included to make the text as practical as possible for the practicing gynecologist. In addition, key points are
highlighted for easy review.Fortunately, many of the gynecologic malignancies have a high “cure” rate. This relatively impressive success rate with
gynecologic cancers can be attributed in great part to the development of diagnostic techniques that can identify precancerous conditions, the ability to apply highly effective therapeutic modalities that are more restrictive elsewhere in the body, a better understanding of the disease spread patterns, and the development of more sophisticated and effective treatment in
cancers that previously had very poor prognoses. As a result, today a patient with a gynecologic cancer may look toward more successful treatment and longer survival than at any other

Examination : Obstetrics and gynecology PDF optimism should be realistically transferred to the atient and her family. Patient denial must be tolerated until the patient decides that a frank conversation is desired. When the prognosis is discussed, some element of hope should always  be introduced within the limits of reality and possibility.

Examination : Obstetrics and gynecology PDF



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