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Download acid base disorders and their treatments PDF

Download acid base disorders and their treatments PDF


Over twenty years ago, two of us (Nicolaos E.Madias and F.John Gennari) were fortunate to contribute to writing a unique book, entitled Acid-Base. That book combined a comprehensive review of acid-base physiology and pathophysiology with straightforward clinical applications of the principles derived from this knowledge. Over the ensuing years, our knowledge of acid-base physiology and pathophysiology has changed dramatically, and it became clear that it was time for a new look at this subject. Hence the origin of Acid-Base Disorders.

As we looked at the breadth of this new body of knowledge, we saw that the task was larger than the four of us. To that end, we have recruited a select group of acid-base experts as contributors to the new book. Although now a multi-authored work, we have written many of the chapters ourselves, and have carefully edited the remaining chapters to avoid unnecessary redundancy and ensure a consistency of style throughout the book.

Our goal is to present the normal physiology of acid-base homeostasis as we know it in the early 21st century, and to review current information about the pathophysiology of acid-base disorders from both a molecular and an integrative perspective. Most important, Acid-Base Disorders continues the tradition of Acid-Base by bringing these new experimental observations to the bedside and providing straightforward guidelines for diagnosing and managing disturbances of acid-base homeostasis. A key feature of this new book is to link molecular and cellular information about epithelial transport in the kidney to observations in intact animals and humans in an effort to explain unanswered questions about acid-base physiology and

The book is divided into seven sections. Section I encompasses normal chemistry and physiology. This section reviews the current state of our knowledge of acid-base chemistry, and includes a discussion of the Stewart approach to analyzing acid-base chemistry in terms of the

Acid base disorders and their treatments PDF

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