Case studies in pediatric colorectal and pelvic surgery PDF

Book Name: Case studies in pediatric colorectal and pelvic surgery

Format : PDF

Size : 27MB

Authors : Victoria A. Lane, Richard J. Wood, Carlos Reck, Marc A. Levitt.

Case studies in pediatric colorectal and pelvic surgery PDF

Case studies in pediatric colorectal and pelvic surgery PDF handbook teaches and explains the key principles in the management of complex pediatric colorectal diagnoses. By using case-based presentations, radiographic images, operative images with Multiple Choice Questions to test knowledge, this book serves as an invaluable educational tool.

‘Learning Points’ are included and the text includes comprehensive explanatory chapters. The 60 cases included encompass the full range of pediatric conditions, and the additional learning material completes this unique handbook.

The interactive e-book further, with additional video content, enhances the learning experience for all clinicians involved in the treatment of children suffering from colorectal disorder and pelvic surgery .

Contents in Case studies in pediatric colorectal and pelvic surgery PDF

Introduction, Diagnosis, Algorithms, ARM Newborn, Neonatal Colostomy Formation, Anal Hegar Sizing, Meconium in the Urinary Stream, Failure to pass Meconium, Colostomy and Mucus Fistula Treatment, Divided Colostomy Treatment, ARM with no Fistula, Male Anorectal Malformation, Distal Loop Colostogram, ARM Infant, Anal Stenosis, Female Anorectal Malformation, H-Type Rectovaginal Fistula, Female ARM Operative Management, Complex Neonatal Evaluation, Anteriorly Misplaced Anus, ARM: Post-Operative Problems, ARM: The Second Opinion, ARM: Long Term Case Study, Redo Surgery in Anorectal Malformations, Questions, Hirschsprung Disease: Management Algorithms, Enterocolitis Scoring System, Genetics, Radiology, Pathology, Operative Planning & Considerations, Transanal Only Procedure, Elective Pullthrough Procedure, EUA Anus, Obstructive Symptoms, Problematic Pullthrough: Enterocolitis, Problematic Pullthrough: Cecal Perforation, Recurrent HAEC, Problematic Post-Operative Patient, Redo Surgery, Male Patient Diagnosed as a Newborn, Six-year-old Boy with known HD and Trisomy 21, Five-month-old Child with Known Hirschsprung Disease, Seven-year-old Boy with a History of Hirschsprung Disease, A 12-year-old boy, Duhamel Pullthrough, Post-operative Complication: Mislocated anus, Post-operative Complication: Female Anorectal Malformation, Post-operative Complication: No Medical History, Post-operative Complication: Perineal Fistula, Post-operative Complication: Redo Surgery, Post-operative Complication: Examination Under Anesthesia, Introduction to Bowel Management, Idiopathic/Functional Constipation: Management Algorithm, Tethered Cord, ARM and Soiling, Appendicostomy Flush, Cecostomy Flush, Investigations and Surgical Options, Bowel Management Case, Rectovestibular Fistula, Bowel Management Program: Further Management, Rectal Prolapse, Idiopathic Constipation, Bowel Management Program and Spina Bifida, Bowel Management Program and Prune Belly Syndrome, Constipation, Surgical Options Following Medical Management Failure, Colonic Motility Studies, Bowel management: Problems.

Case studies in pediatric colorectal and pelvic surgery PDF