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Neuro Notes Clinical Pocket Guide PDF


This Neuro Notes Clinical Pocket Guide  PDF


Neuro Notes Clinical Pocket Guidebook is written for physical therapists, physical therapy students, and related health professionals. It is a clinical guide for the assessment of patients with neuromuscular disorders. Please use the tables in the INTRO tab to quickly find information on specific diseases/disorders or test and

In addition to the content you’ll find here, we have also provided bonus content on the DavisPlus Web site for this book. On the Web site you will find content regarding neurological diagnostic tests and additional information about diseases and disorders, including special tests, additional assessments, differential diagnosis, prognosis, surgery, and referrals to other health-care providers. There is also a glossary of neurological terms commonly used by PTs.


■ Abnormal breath or heart sounds
■ Blood pressure (systolic blood pressure –
200 mm Hg or 90 mm Hg;
diastolic blood pressure –
110 mm Hg)
■ Chest pain caused by exertion
■ Clonus onset
■ Cyanosis
■ Diaphoresis (excessive sweating)
■ Drastic mental status changes (sudden disorientation, confusion,
drowsiness, lethargy)
■ Drastic mood changes (anxiety, apprehension)
■ Myasthenia crisis: muscle weakness interfering with vital functions
(e.g., breathing, swallowing)
■ Nausea & vomiting in patients with shunts
■ Oxygen saturation 90%
■ Seizure (lasting more than 5 minutes; two or more sequential seizures
without recovery of consciousness)
■ Sudden:
■ Ataxia onset
■ Blood pressure changes (increase or decrease)
■ Coordination changes
■ Muscle tone changes (increase or decrease)
■ Pulse changes (regular to irregular; dropping by –
15 bpm; exceed-
ing 75% of age-expected maximum)
■ Severe headache
■ Weakness, hemiparesis or paralysis
■ Syncope
■ Transient paralysis
■ Vision or speech distortion (slurred or hoarse voice).

Neuro Notes Clinical Pocket Guide PDF


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