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Oxford Handbook of Reproductive Medicine and Family Planning Second edition PDF

Oxford Handbook of Reproductive Medicine and Family Planning Second edition PDF

Reproductive Medicine in the twenty-fi rst century is an exciting and
fast evolving fi eld which sits as one of the subspecialties of Obstetrics
and Gynaecology, but which has evolved to have an important multi-
professional dimension, which includes embryology and andrology, nurs-
ing, endocrinology, social science, and basic reproductive sciences, as well
as practical ethics and law.
Thirty years ago, when I entered the fi eld, the topics covered here might
all have been represented in a textbook, but the subject would have been
labelled as GynaecologicalEndocrinology, or just Gynaecology. What has  changed is the explosion in understanding and in the treatment possibilities for which the development of assisted reproductive technologies and endoscopic surgery have been transformational.

The explosion has
not been restricted to the clinical fi eld. The unprecedented access to the
ovary and to early human development has made possible a rapid expan-
sion of our biological understanding, and when this is combined with the
expanded horizons provided by reproductive and stem cell technologies
developed in animal species, the scientifi c perspective has matured rapidly.
The scale and diversity of reproductive medicine is now such that most
practitioners would not expect to encompass all of the topic areas in their
routine practice, but it is important that the coherence of Reproductive
Medicine is presented in textbook form for the benefi t of trainees and
others, from whatever background, who need to understand the scope
and diversity of the fi eld.

The title of this handbook separates out Family Planning for mention as a separate topic, but in many ways it is an integral component of Reproductive Medicine. In practical terms the separate labelling is justifi ed on the basis that there is a signifi cant community who practise within Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare, who do not generally prac-tise more widely in Reproductive Medicine, just as many in Reproductive Medicine do not practise widely in Family Planning. Both groups can ben-lefi t from a good overview of the whole of the fi eld and the title sends that
signal to both group Oxford Handbook of
Reproductive Medicine and Family Planning Second edition.PDF

Oxford Handbook of Reproductive Medicine and Family Planning Second edition PDF



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