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Critical Care Nephrology PDF

Critical Care Nephrology PDF


Critical Care Nephrology PDF Intensive care unit (ICU) nephrology is a rapidly emerging area of interest in medicine. Nephrologists have always participated in
the care of critically ill patients, including those with electrolyte and acid–base disorders, volume disorders, hypertensive crisis, and acute renal failure.

Critical Care Nephrology PDF increasing recognition of the overlap between critical care and nephrology, combined with recent advances in the understanding of acute renal failure and the application of renal replacement therapies, have served to highlight the important role the nephrologist plays in the ICU. This handbook has been written to provide all “students” of nephrology, irrespective of their level of training, with the latest knowledge regarding the care of critically ill patients. We have tried to provide all of the “essential” clinical,diagnostic, and therapeutic information that the reader will need, and have supplemented it with the most relevant physiology and pathophysiology.

We hope you and your patients benefit from ourefforts and that this book serves to refresh, clarify, and update your
knowledge of critical care nephrology.

Critical Care Nephrology PDF


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