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Biochemistry and Genetics PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 5th Edition PDF

Biochemistry and Genetics PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 5th Edition PDF


Biochemistry and Genetics: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review, 5th Edition PDF
allows medical students to comprehensively and conveniently assess and  review their knowledge of microbiology and immunology. The 500 questions  provided here have been written with the goal to parallel the topics, format, and degree of difficulty of the questions found in the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1.

The High-Yield Facts in the beginning of the book are provided to facilitate a rapid review of biochemistry. It is anticipated that the reader will  use these High-Yield Facts as a “memory jog” before proceeding through he questions. The book now contains sections on organ systems that place

biochemical and genetic concepts in the context of medical practice; a table
relating questions to particular topics is provided in the Appendix so stu-
dents can focus their review (eg, on enzyme mechanism, chromosomal
inheritance, collagen structure, etc).
Each question in the book is followed by five or more answer options to
choose from. In each case, select the one best response to the question. Each
answer is accompanied by a specific page reference to a text that provides
background to the answer, and a short discussion of issues raised by the ques-
tion and answer. A bibliography listing all the sources can be found following
the last chapter.

Over 100 clinical disorders or processes are discussed and  related to biochemical and/or genetic mechanisms (see the Appendix for a list  of disease examples). For genetic disorders, a McKusick number is included  (eg, MIM*154700 for Marfan syndrome) that allows the reader to immediately access information about the disorder using the Online Mendelian
Inheritance in Man Internet site .
To simulate the time constraints imposed by the licensing exam, an
effective way to use this book is to allow yourself 1 minute to answer each
question in a given chapter. After you finish going through the questions
in the section, spend as much time as you need verifying your answers and
carefully reading the explanations provided.

Special attention should be
given to the explanations for the questions you answered incorrectly; how-
ever, you should read every explanation even if you’ve answered correctly.
The explanations are designed to reinforce and supplement the informa-
tion tested by the questions. For those seeking further information about
the material covered, consult the references listed in the bibliography or
other standard medical texts.

Biochemistry and Genetics PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 5th Edition PDF



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