Dr.Ali USMLE Uworld notes PDF download

Dr.Ali USMLE Uworld notes PDF download

Dr.Ali USMLE Uworld notes PDF download

What is USMLE?
The USMLE is the United States Medical Licensing Exam

Training in the USA offers better opportunities under the best of trainers so that you will be able to maximize your potential and be the best you can be.

How should I study for the USMLE?
I believe that the study technique should focus on understanding concepts and could be achieved through Kaplan notes, Kaplan videos, UW questions and first aid.
What I did was to start with Kaplan notes and videos subject wise so that I could have a general idea of the concepts.
Then during my second read, I read the Kaplan note, UW questions, first aid, subject wise for e.g, I read Kaplan physiology, UW physiology, first aid physiology then read Kaplan pathology, UW pathology and first aid pathology and so on.
Repetition is the key.

I usually don’t like telling people the score to aim for but you should try to maximize your potential and get the highest score you can possibly get. The truth is that hundreds of applicants get 260s and 270s. To prove that you are better you need to score well above the average of the American graduates.

How Competitive Is The process?
I will want every international medical graduate to understand that the process is extremely competitive and they are competing against he best in other parts of the world and they have a lot of factors against them (e.g. old Year of graduation, visa status, attending a medical school outside the USA etc). The only factor they can change is the score they get. To further buttress this point, I heard some programs receive as many as 5,500 applications for just 22 slots and more than 1,500 of the applicants score more than 240. This explains the need to get a very good score.

How Long it Takes To Prepare For Step 1?
The duration of study depends on your IQ, when you graduated from medical school, the number of hours of study and the technique of study. It could range from 9 months to 1 year or more for step 1

What factors decide whether I get a placement or not?
Scores: It is the most important factor and probably one of the very few factors you can modify to get a placement. Other factors includes, your year of graduation, research, clinical experience, year of graduation.

Dr.Ali USMLE Uworld notes PDF download



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