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POCKET CLINICAL EXAMINER Ebook PDF book started life as a guide for new Oxford clinical students. Each year it was rewritten by nal year medical students, re ned, re-imagined, and passed on. We gratefully acknowledge its origins and thank the generations of students on whose shoulders we stand. Without them, we ourselves would not be doctors today

POCKET CLINICAL EXAMINER Ebook PDF little book was so helpful to us and our colleagues during our training that we thought: why not bring it to a wider audience? We want this book to be a loyal companion for the intrepid medical student venturing onto the wards. Whether you’re revising for an OSCE, or frantically trying to remember how to do an abdominal examination before a tutorial with a fearsome surgeon, we hope our offering gets you out of all manner of tight spots

POCKET CLINICAL EXAMINER Ebook PDF not intended to be an exhaustive guide to clinical examination – you can keep that on your shelf at home. Rather, it presents each system examination in a concise, yet comprehensive, ‘check sheet’ format – and it can easily slip into your pocket. We’ve tried to highlight common pitfalls and provide useful tips, and have also included sections on history taking, the clerking examination and presenting your dings

We’d like to thank all of the unnamed students who have contributed to this book. We are also deeply indebted to Drs Charlotte Bendon, Nina Dutta, Lydia Hanna, Nadeem Hasan, Andrew Jones and Rebecca Mills for contributing individual chapters. We’d also like to thank the kind folk at Hodder/Taylor & Francis for their forbearance and wisdom.

Above all, though, we’d like to thank you, the reader. We hope that you nd this book useful and even (whisper it) fun! If you’ve got any ideas as to how we can improve it, please do get in touch.
We should emphasise that any errors in this book are entirely our own.

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