Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review PDF download

Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review PDF download

Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review PDF download

Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review PDF download The ability to properly interpret and develop in- dependence and proficiency in neuroradiological studies is crucial for all neurologists. Various lesions often produce peculiar visual patterns on MRI and CT scans; these narrow the broad list of potential dif- ferential diagnoses, thus obviating the need for more invasive tests such as brain biopsies or angiograms. At the same time, neurologists need to understand the strengths and limitations of these studies and to appreciate the relevance of neuroradiological find- ings in the larger clinical context.

Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review PDF download If a picture is worth a thousand words, a visual memory of a clinical case is retained and absorbed in a way traditional text readings are not. We intro- duce each topic in this book with a brief clinical sce- nario to reinforce this connection, and populate the text with a broad array of neuroimages, including CT, MRI, MRA, and angiography, to familiarize readers with the interpretation of various modalities, and to demonstrate how these findings influence treatment.

Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review PDF download For the sake of readability, each condition is pre- sented in a uniform and straightforward manner. Every topic begins with a brief case scenario and image-based diagnosis, and is followed by a short introduction to the disorder, clinical presentation, radiographic appearance, diagnostic hallmarks, dif- ferential diagnosis, and treatment. Each section also includes selected references for further study. The bulleted template presents readers with the most relevant and necessary clinical information and de- liberately avoids long exposition. We hope that this approach will facilitate the use of this book as a handy reference at the point of care, or as a visual study guide for self-assessment and test review.

Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review PDF download This abundantly illustrated volume covers all the major areas of neurology including epilepsy; vascular neurology; infectious, autoimmune, and demyelinat- ing diseases; traumatic brain injuries; neurodegener- ative diseases; neuro-oncology, and more. The format enables readers to explore more than 1,500 images depicting the full spectrum of neurological disorders, complete with accompanying tables, gross and mi- croscopic neuropathology images, and EEG illustra- tions. As readers move through the topics, we hope they will use the key takeaway points summarized in every section to hone their clinical skills.

Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review PDF download As clinicians, we build on our experiences with previous patients to formulate our approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of future patients. We de- signed this book to support that process. We believe that students and neurologists across all levels of training will find this guide of value as they apply neuroradiological findings to clinical care decisions for their patients.

Neurology Image-Based Clinical Review PDF download


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