AIIMS Protocals in Neonatology By Dr.Ramesh agarwal PDF download

AIIMS Protocals in Neonatology By Ramesh agarwal PDF download

AIIMS Protocals in Neonatology By Ramesh agarwal PDF download  Cleaning of baby: The baby should be dried and cleaned at birth with a clean and sterile cloth. The cleaning should be gentle and should only wipe out the blood and the meconium and not be vigorous enough to remove the vernix caseosa (white greasy material on the skin). The vernix, protects skin of the infant and helps maintain temperature.10 This gets absorbed on its own after sometime. Currently
there is no evidence of advantage of cleaning the baby with paraffin or any other emollient at birth and the same is notrecommended.

AIIMS Protocals in Neonatology By Ramesh agarwal PDF download  Clamping of the cord: The umbilical cord should be clamped at 2-3 cm away from the abdomen using a commercially available clamp, a clean and autoclaved thread or a sterile rubber band. The stump should be away from the genitals to avoid contamination. When the commercial clamps are not available, the rubber band could be a better option than a thread, as once cord starts shriveling; the
rubber band would still maintain its grip while the thread might loosen up.11 Inspect the cord every 15-30 minutes for initial few hours after birth for early detection of any oozing from the cord12 Routine stomach wash: Performing routine stomach wash in the babies to prevent gastritis (amniotic
fluid or meconium) should not be done. There are no studies that report the advantage of thisritual.

AIIMS Protocals in Neonatology By Ramesh agarwal PDF download  Care of the Eye: At birth both the eyes of the neonates should be cleaned with separate swabs. The sterile water or the normal saline may be used for this purpose. The swipe to clean the eyes should be gentle and from the inner canthus area to the outer canthus. Currently, there is insufficient evidence to
recommend the routine antibiotic prophylaxis for prevention of opthalmia neonatorum in Indian settings13, 14, 15. The cleaning on a daily basis is not recommended as aroutine.
AIIMS Protocals in Neonatology By Ramesh agarwal PDF download  Placement of identity band: The birthing places with high birth rates should take utmost care to ensure the identity of the mother-baby dyad by an appropriate method as per the hospital policy. Each infant must have an identity band containing name of the mother, hospital registration number, gender
and birth weight of the infant.16 Reliability of the foot prints for identification has not been investigated.

AIIMS Protocals in Neonatology By Ramesh agarwal PDF download  Recording of Apgar scores: The apgar scores should be recorded at 1 minutes and 5 minutes of birth17. This score has a limited value in guiding for resuscitation and initial stabilization. The prediction of the subsequent outcomes by Apgar scores is also poor.18 However; Apgar scores may help deciding theneed for nursery admission.but he who studies medicine without patients does not go to sea at all.” Emergency medicine is a thrilling specialty, demanding exceptional abilities and an increasingly expansive fund of knowledge—patterns of illness and injury, a whole range of diagnostics and therapeutics, all at one’s ɹngertips in real time at the bedside with lives on the line. In this context, we have designed Pocket Emergency Medicine as a life raft for the busy physician, resident, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or student. Unlike many traditional textbooks, we have chosen to organize chapters around presenting conditions rather than diagnoses. In this way, the book mirrors the way .
patients present to the emergency department and allows the reader to develop the
thought processes that guide appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Each chapter begins with a general approach to a particular condition, followed by a succinct discussion of important diagnostic categories, highlighting essential elements of the history, physical examination, testing, and treatment speciɹc to these diagnoses.

AIIMS Protocals in Neonatology By Ramesh agarwal PDF download  Sprinkled throughout the text are “clinical pearls”—focused bullet points, emphasizing
important clinical findings or warning about common clinical errors.
This book was written by a group of talented emergency medicine residents from the
Denver Health and Harvard Aɽliated Emergency Medicine Residency programs. The
residents undertook studious research on their individual topics, guided by an acute
awareness of the needs of busy emergency department providers. Chapters were edited by an experienced team of senior emergency medicine faculty from the Departments of Emergency Medicine at The University of Colorado School of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The editors bring over 25 years of experience in clinical and academic emergency medicine, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the text. The result, we think you’ll agree, is a supremely useful immediate reference for the emergency medicine practitioner.

AIIMS Protocals in Neonatology By Ramesh agarwal PDF download