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. Ferning of cervical mucus depends on estrogen
3. Clomiphene citrate is indicated in Stein – Leventhal syndrome
4. The most serious complication of clomiphene therapy for induction of ovulation is hyperstimulation syndrome
5. Danazol is used in the treatment of cyclical mastalgia
6. The probable source of relaxin is ovary
7. Granulosa cells produces estrogen with the help of the enzyme aromatase
8. The sequence of development of puberty in girls is thelarche, pubarche and menarche.
9. Medication used in treatment of idiopathic central precocious puberty is GnRH analogues
10. Precocious puberty associated with bony dysplasia and cafe au lait spots in skin is seen in Mc Cune albright syndrome
11. During sexual differentiation in males primitive Gonads differentiate into testis due to the presence of SRY gene
12. Most common cause of female pseudohermaphroditism is congenital adrenal hyperplasia
13. The treatment for a case of virilizing adrenal hyperplasia is cortisone
14. Best prenatal treatment for CAH is Dexamethasone
15. At puberty, in Testicular Feminization syndrome, Gonadectomy is indicated 16. Pure gonadal dysgenesis will be diagnosed in the presence of bilateral streak gonads
17. IUGR is defined when birth weight is below the tenth percentile of the average of gestational age weight
18. Best parameter for ultrasound evaluation of IUGR is abdominal circumference

19. Most sensitive screening test in diabetic mothers for congenital malformation is HbA1C (Glycosylated haemoglobin)
20. Glycosylated Hb is best method to assess fetal damage in a diabetic mother in 1st trimester
21. The commonest congenital anomaly seen in pregnancy with diabetes mellitus is neural tube defect
22. Caudal regression syndrome is seen in babies of mother having gestational diabetes
23. Best test for fetal maturity in a diabetic mother is Phosphatidyl glycerol
24. The one measurement of fetal maturity that is not affected by a ‘bloody tap’ during amniocentesis is Phosphatidyl glycerol
25. Fasting Blood sugar should be maintained in a pregnant diabetic female as 70 -100 mg%
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26. Gestational diabetes is diagnosed by Glucose tolerance test (GTT)
27. The commonest cause of breech presentation is prematurity
28. Best method to deliver arms in breech is Lovset’s method
29. In 38 weeks primi in early labour with transverse presentation, the treatment of choice is LSCS
30. In brow presentation, presenting diameter is mentovertical
31. Incidence of cord prolapse is least in Frank breech
32. The most common form of fetal traumatic injury incurred during breech extraction is intracranial hemorrhage
33. In a case of direct occipitoposterior position, face to pubis delivery, most commonly encountered problem is complete perineal tear
34. Blood in urine in a patient in labour is diagnostic of obstructed labour 35. Bandl’s ring is also called retraction ring
36. Sodium hydroxide in soda lime acts as: A catalyst
37. Soda lime used in India (Durasorb) when fresh is: Pink
38. 100 g of sodalime can absorb 25 litres of carbon dioxide:
39. The constitution of sodalime is: 5% NaOH, 95% Ca (OH)
40. Resuscitation bag for neonate should not exceed: 250 ml
41. Volume of adult AMBU bag: 1,200 ml
42. Most commonly used laryngoscope is: Macintosh
43. Type of laryngoscope blade most suitable for newborn is: Straight

44. Normal thyromental distance is: 6.5 cm
45. Mallampati score is used in: To assess difficulty in intubation in oral cavity 46. Blind nasal intubation is indicated in: TM ankylosis
47. Uncuffed tubes in children are used up to: 10 years
48. Surest sign of confirmation of intubation: Capnography
49. The adult trachea has diameter of: 1.2-1.6 cm
50. Length of an adult trachea is: 10-11 cm
51. Carina in adult is at the level of: T4
52. Semon’s law indicates that in partial paralysis of bilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve: Abductors go before adductors
53. In complete bilateral paralysis of recurrent laryngeal nerve there is: Complete loss of speech with stridor and dyspnea
54. Oral intubation is preferred in children over nasal because there are increased chances of bleeding from adenoids
55. The cuffed tracheostomy tube should be: Low pressure, high volume
56. During intubation of newborn to insert endotracheal tube the blade of laryngoscope is: straight blade
57. The pressure required to inflate the cuff of an endotracheal tube is: 15-25 mmHg
58. 7 number endotracheal tube means its internal diameter will be:7 mm
59. Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) is used for: Maintenance of airway
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