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Download Dr. Devesh mishra complete Pathology handwritten notes PDF

Download Dr. Devesh mishra complete Pathology handwritten notes PDF


Most of you are requested to upload the pathologynotes of dr.devesh mishra.here we have uploaded all of them.

We acknowledge the support shown by each of our esteemed readers (present and past) for placing the book at the numero uno position amongst the pathology books for PGMEE. To meet the expectations of students, we have tried to further improve this seventh edition.
The book has been fully colored to increase its appeal to the esteemed readers. We have intentionally chosen the topic of ‘Immunology’ because apart from being very important, it is considered as one of the most dif cult chapters of Pathology.
Dear friends, the apprehension regarding the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) has now been taken care of as the examination pattern has not been modi ed drastically. Cracking the NEET exam and other important PG examinations require a thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject. Readers of this book have got an edge over others because of the strong theory and conceptual questions. This along with the key points given under the heading of various boxes in the chapters has helped many of you to get extremely good ranks in NEET 2013, 14 and 2015.
It is a humble request from our side that all the chapters (and not only general pathology) of this book has to be read by the student so as to maximise the bene t. This is because many additional concepts and questions asked frequently in the exam have been explained in systemic pathology chapters. This is one important point which came as a gist differentiating the people getting a good rank in NEET versus those who did not.
In our constant endeavour to improvise the book, there has been incorporation of important additions in almost all chapters along with the new section of Most recent questions. The question bank of the every chapter has been subdivided into smaller portions. It will help students to solve MCQs after reading the theory of a particular topic of a chapter.
For getting a grasp on the NEET questions in a better way, a new section in the end comprising of Image Based Questions has also been added.
In this seventh edition, we have added a lot of diagrams and ow charts to make learning interesting and easier. Another salient feature of this edition is the updating of appropriate authentic references from standard textbooks particularly in regard to the controversial questions so that reader gets all the relevant information under one roof. Other salient features of the current edition are:
We have fully revised the book and corrected the typographical and some other errors present in the previous editions. We have also added plenty of vital information under the heading of ‘Concept’, ‘Info’ and ‘Subject Links’ at multiple places in almost all the chapters in the book. Further, we have also expanded some of the old topics.
Questions from latest entrance examinations of AIIMS have been added. Several other questions have been incorporated from PGI, DNB and other state PG entrance examinations. In some topics, there are contradictions between different books. In such a situation, we have quoted the text from Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 18th edition.


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