Review of Pharmacology Ninth Edition by Gobind Rai Garg Pdf download

Review of Pharmacology Ninth Edition by Gobind Rai Garg Pdf download

Review of Pharmacology Ninth Edition by Gobind Rai Garg Pdf download

Review of Pharmacology Ninth Edition by Gobind Rai Garg Pdf download We want to thank all the readers for the overwhelming response and great appreciation of the earlier editions of this book. To meet the expectations of students, we have tried to further improve this ninth edition.
Dear friends, the apprehension regarding the ‘National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET)’ has now been taken care of as the examination pattern has not been modified drastically. Cracking the NEET and other important PG entrance examinations require a thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject. Readers of this book have got an edge over others because of strong theory and conceptual questions. This along with the key points given under the heading of various boxes in the chapters has helped many students to get extremely good ranks in NEET 2012, 2013 and 2014. As one-liner questions are being asked in the NEET, the students need to revise the most important information in the last few days. Keeping this in mind, we have added ‘high yield points’ separately as boxes on the side of every page. Boxes are labeled as for Key points, for mnemonics,for defnition, N for new drugs and ? for controversial questions. However, we will recommend students to read the theory of each subject thoroughly, which is must. The questions have been asked as one-liners in last year which may not be the case next year and further in AIIMS and PGI exams you need to be well-versed with the theory. Therefore, we will re-emphasize that there is no substitution of knowledge. If you know the subject thoroughly, you can answer any type of question.

Review of Pharmacology Ninth Edition by Gobind Rai Garg Pdf download In our constant endeavour to improvise the book, there has been incorporation of important additions in almost all chapters along with the section of ‘Recent questions asked by National Board’.In this ninth edition, we have added a lot of mnemonics, diagrams and ow charts to make learning interesting and easier. Another salient feature of this edition is the addition of DRUG OF CHOICE in every chapter.
The question bank of every chapter has been divided into subtopics. It will help students to solve MCQs after reading the theory of a particular topic of a chapter.
For getting a grasp on the NEET questions in a better way, a new chapter ‘History of Pharmacology’ and a new section ‘Image Based Questions’ have also been added.
We have fully revised the book and corrected the typographical and some other errors present in the previous editions. Further, we have also expanded some of the old topics. As in previous editions, the questions from ten different state PG entrance examinations have also been incorporated at the end of every chapter.

Questions from latest entrance examinations of AIIMS have been added. Several other questions have been incorporated from PGI, DPG and other state PG entrance examinations.
To make the contents of the book more authentic, we have provided appropriate references to all the explanations.

In some topics, there are contradictions between different books. In such a situation, we have quoted the text from Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 18th edition.
To help the students understand the Pharmacology in an easy and interesting way, Dr Gobind Rai Garg has started his own institute named ‘Ayush Institute of Medical Sciences’. It is the only institute which is meant for teaching Pharmacology only. Dr Gobind Rai Garg himself conducts separate classes for MBBS students (Jan-Feb) and those preparing for PG entrance examinations (March-April and July-August). For details, you can contact on the E-mail ID provided or at 09990044695.
We must admit hereby that despite keeping an eagle’s eye for any inaccuracy regarding factual information or typographical errors, some mistakes must have crept in inadvertently. You are requested to communicate these errors and send your valuable suggestions for the improvement of this book. Your suggestions, appreciation and criticism are most welcome.

Review of Pharmacology Ninth Edition by Gobind Rai Garg Pdf download



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