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Download DAMS ANESTHESIA handwritten notes ebook PDF [ UPDATED LINK]

Download DAMS ANESTHESIA handwritten notes ebook PDF [ UPDATED LINK]



It is only four years since the last edition of this book, but changes continue apace and the time had come to ensure that Lecture Notes, Clinical Anaesthesia reflected these changes and also responded to the feedback received around the previous edition. The first major change is the new Chapter 1, ‘An introduc- tion to anaesthesia’. We hope you will take the time to have a look at this, even if only briefly, as we have tried to provide an insight into how the specialty has devel- oped and where it is heading. It is estimated that around 70% of all hospital patients encounter an anaesthetist at some point during their admission, hardly surprising when we consider how broad the scope of the specialty of anaesthesia has become and the numerous professionals working together as part of the team. Therefore, we have approached the task of writing of this edition with the team in mind, and hope that it will be useful not only for medical stu- dents but also for trainees in anaesthesia and other acute specialties, trainee physician’s assistants in anaesthesia, operating department practitioners and recovery nurses.

As would be expected, the content has been fully updated to reflect areas where there have been changes in clinical practice, new guidelines and new equipment or drugs. We have increased coverage of the perioperative management of the overweight and obese patient to reflect the increasing frequency with which this group of patients is encountered and, in response to numerous requests, we have for the first time included an introduction to some basic aspects of paediatric anaesthesia. Other new topics include an outline of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) and the importance of anaesthetists’ non‐technical skills (NTS). Given the likely future expansion of anaesthetists into the developing field of periopera- tive care, we felt it appropriate to keep and expand slightly the chapter detailing the recognition and management of some of the more common periop- erative medical emergencies.

Apart from updating the contents, there are two key changes in this edition compared to previous ones. Firstly, to help you take a structured approach to learning about anaesthesia, we have included a series of objectives at the start of each chapter. These are divided into two sections: firstly, the knowledge you should aim to acquire by reading each chapter, and secondly, an indication of the skills that we feel are important and are based upon the former. We hope this will give you a clearer idea of what you should try and achieve during an anaesthetic attachment. For those of you using this book who are not medical students, we feel these learning objectives are equally relevant and achievable.

The second change is an attempt to encourage you to use the vast resources available via the internet. The potential problem with this approach is that there is little quality control over what is available. Therefore, we have only included links to web sites we know, have checked and believe are reliable. For those of you using a hard copy of the book, interesting and useful web sites are numbered within the text, for example [2.2], and the web address is listed in the ‘Further information’ section at the end of the chap- ter. For those of you using the e‐book, the numbers within the text are hyperlinked directly to an organi- zation’s web site or a specific article. We hope you will use this and feel free to feed back your thoughts and comments.

Finally, we close by repeating the same message as in previous editions – we hope that you will enjoy this book but, more importantly, that it helps you provide better care for your patients. If it has, tell your friends, if it hasn’t, tell us! We hope that it is improving each time, but it still is and will always remain ‘work in progress’.

Download DAMS ANESTHESIA handwritten notes ebook PDF [ UPDATED LINK]

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