Botulinum Toxins in Clinical Aesthetic Practice Third Edition Volume One: Clinical Adaptations Ebook PDF free download


Botulinum Toxins in Clinical Aesthetic Practice Third Edition Volume One: Clinical Adaptations Ebook PDF free download

Botulinum Toxins in Clinical Aesthetic Practice Third Edition Volume One: Clinical Adaptations Ebook PDF free download

Because of the exponential developments in the clinical use of botu- linum toxins (BoNTs), the need for a third edition quickly became a foregone conclusion. Maintaining the original mission of an instruc- tional manual, this completely revamped and updated third edition attempts to record the phenomenal progress that has evolved in the use of BoNTs in clinical medicine over the past seven years. Updates of the literature, expanded indications, improved clinical photo- graphs and illustrations, and newer and innovative ways to utilize the di erent BoNTs that are presently available worldwide are presented in this newly formatted third edition. It also has become strikingly obvious that BoNTs are injected in a variety of novel ways that di er from East to West. erefore, a concerted e ort has been made to include a pro le of as many of the di erent BoNTs currently avail- able around the world, including how they are utilized in a clinical aesthetic setting in both Western and Eastern cultures.

In the United States, glabellar and lateral canthal lines remain the only areas of the face that are approved by the FDA for the cosmetic use of onabotulinumtoxinA (OnaBTX-A) or BOTOX Cosmetic. e other BoNTs available in the United States, abobotulinumtoxinA (AboBTX-A), incobotulinumtoxinA (IncoBTX-A), and rimabotulinum- toxinB (RimaBTX-B), have their own similar, but very speci c, FDA indications. Consequently, except for glabellar and lateral canthal wrin- kles, all the cosmetic injection techniques described in this third edition, as in the previous editions, apply to non-approved, o -label indications, which makes this book unlike most other textbooks in medicine.

It is sobering to realize that throughout human existence women and men have always sought ways to improve their appearance. To commence the in-depth and diverse discussions in this third edition on beauti cation and rejuvenation with BoNTs, Nina Jablonski, PhD, professor of anthropology at e Pennsylvania State University, and a world-renowned biological anthropologist and paleobiologist, pro- vides us in her Prologue with a brief introduction to the evolutionary and anthropological perspectives on the importance of human facial attractiveness and expressivity. She cautions both patients and treat- ing physicians in the over-use of face altering procedures that can e ectively inhibit one’s ability to express oneself accurately and in a completely natural manner.

Chapter 1 is written by Jean Carruthers, MD, to whom the world is indebted for her prescient identi cation of the cosmetic uses of the BoNTs. Dr. Jean Carruthers commences our venture through the fascinating evolving world of the BoNTs by presenting a historical account of the chronological events that led to the discovery, identi- cation, isolation, and eventual synthesis of BoNTs for clinical use. Included is her seminal work in the development and advancement of the clinical uses of BoNT-A in ocular therapeutics, and her serendipi- tous discovery of its cosmetic properties. Jean describes the role she and her dermatologist husband, Dr. Alastair Carruthers, played in their provocatively sensitive introduction and promotion of the cos- metic uses of BoNT-A to the medical community.

Updates on the current advancements in the pharmacology and immunology of the di erent BoNTs are discussed by world-renowned scientists who are intimately involved in BoNT research and develop- ment. ese include Chapter 2 by Mitchell F. Brin, MD, neurologist and one of the earliest clinical injectors of OnaBTX-A and now senior vice president of global drug development and chief scienti c o – cer of BOTOX at Allergan Inc. (Irvine, CA). He presents an update
on the pharmacology, immunology, recent developments, and future predictions on the use of BoNT-A. Chapter 3 by Juergen Frevert, PhD, head of botulinum toxin research at Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH, (Potsdam, Germany), discusses the innovative pharmacology and immunology of a noncomplexed BoNT-A, and the advantages of its clinical uses.

Chapter 4 by the visionary dermatologist, Richard Glogau, MD, discusses the fascinating emerging science, development, and e ec- tive clinical uses of a new topically applied BoNT-A. Chapter 5 by Gary Monheit, MD, a dermatologist and leader in BoNT clinical research, and dermatologist James Highsmith, MD, elaborates on the recent advances of the di erent FDA approved BoNT-As and BoNT-B with updates on the pertinent literature and details on recent devel- opments in their clinical use. Chapter 6 by Andy Pickett, PhD, Senior Program Leader & Scienti c Expert, Neurotoxins for Galderma Aesthetic and Corrective, and Director and Founder of Toxin Science Limited, Wrexham, UK, identi es some of the di erent BoNTs used in clinical practice currently available in other parts of the world.

Chapter 7 by Alastair and Jean Carruthers, MD, presents updated and advanced clinical information on the adjunctive uses of the BoNTs in conjunction with injections of so tissue llers, and light- and energy-based devices for the aesthetic improvement of the face and body.
In Chapter 8, Arthur Swi , MD, an otorhinolaryngologist, Kent Remington, MD, a dermatologist, and Steve Fagien, MD, an oph- thalmologist, add a new dimension to the aesthetic interpretation of how to use injectables when rejuvenating the face, change to includ- ing their explanation of facial proportions, geometrical Phi measure- ments, aesthetics, and beauty as they relate to the use of BoNTs.
For Chapter 9, dermatologists David Pariser, MD, and DeeAnna Glaser, MD, Secretary and President, respectively, of the International Hyperhidrosis Society, have comprehensively revised and updated the material on hyperhidrosis, discussing recent developments as well as new and di erent areas of treatment.

Chapter 10 by dermatologist Kevin C. Smith, MD, the mas- ter of novel injection techniques, along with dermatologists Irèn Kossintseva and Benjamin Barankin continues to enlighten us on unique ways to utilize BoNT-A for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.
Chapter 11 by dermatologist and attorney David Goldberg, MD, JD, concludes the rst volume with a revision and update of his chapter on the important medicolegal aspects of the cosmetic uses of BoNT.

Because of the ever-growing selection of the various BoNT prod- ucts currently commercially available for clinical use in di erent parts of the world, the new Appendix 1 written by dermatologist Alica Sharova, MD, PhD, of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, presents thought-provoking results of her meta- nalysis comparing consensus statements and recommendations for injecting di erent BoNT products in the United States, Russia, and di erent countries in Europe. She identi es and compares the falla- cious recommendations of dose ratio equivalencies of the di erent available BoNTs injected, including number of injection points and dosaging for the di erent areas of the face and neck in males and females.
In the second volume, Sebastian Cotofana, PhD, a quintessential anatomist, has provided essential new material on functional facial anatomy in Chapter 12.

Botulinum Toxins in Clinical Aesthetic Practice Third Edition Volume One: Clinical Adaptations Ebook PDF free download


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