Lecture Notes Radiology 3rd Edition Ebook PDF download

Lecture Notes Radiology 3rd Edition Ebook PDF download

Lecture Notes Radiology 3rd Edition Ebook PDF download
Lecture Notes Radiology 3rd Edition Ebook PDF download This book is intended to be a concise intro- ductory guide to radiology, principally for medical students, but it should also be of value to radiographers and junior doctors. The contents cover the imaging techniques, basic film interpretation and specialized radiological investigations currently avail- able. Emphasis is on conventional plain film and contrast radiology, as it is essential that interpretation of these fundamentals is mastered before progressing to more advanced imaging techniques, such as com- puted tomography (CT) and magnetic reso- nance imaging (MRI). Despite recent major technological strides, conventional radiol- ogy still has a crucial role to play in the assessment of a large number of patients and it is important, therefore, that the basics of radiology be learnt to assist patient management.

Radiology has assumed a central role in the initial diagnosis as well as subsequent management of patients. The burden on the medical curriculum is continually
increasing, so the format of the book is arranged such that it can be covered within a short space of time. The clinical orienta- tion should ensure that the importance of radiology is not taken out of context with the routine care of patients, serving also as an aid to reinforce some essential back- ground information.

The book is divided into sections by body systems, with a brief description of techniques and investigations given at the beginning of several chapters. This should assist understanding of the basic principles of the large number of available procedures for imaging a particular problem, in order that the correct investigation for each clini- cal situation can be chosen. Radiology is a vast subject; the essentials are presented and discussed in this book to provide a basic foundation course in radiology. For more detailed information the many excellent textbooks available should be consulted.

Lecture Notes Radiology 3rd Edition Ebook PDF download

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