MRI at a glance Ebook PDF download

MRI at a glance Ebook PDF download

MRI at a glance Ebook PDF download

MRI at a glance Ebook PDF download MRI at a Glance is one of a series of books that presents complex infor- mation on medical subjects in an easily accessible format. The aim is to have all information on a particular topic summarized on two facing pages of the book so that the reader has essential points at their finger- tips.

When the publishers approached me about including MRI in this format, I was rather sceptical. Could all relevant material, including text, diagrams and images be abbreviated and presented in a similar fashion to other books in the series? Being happy to try almost anything once, and fortified by my previous successful attempts at authorship, I decided to have a go!
MRI at a Glance aims to provide core knowledge on MRI theory in an accessible format. Information on a particular subject is mostly pre- sented on a single page or double page format so that essential points can be instantly seen and understood.

All topics from magnetism to safety, K space to pulse sequences, image contrast to artefacts are included using short bulleted text linked to key diagrams, tables and
images. A glossary of common terms and appendices on acronyms and artefacts are also included. The main uses for this type of book as opposed to longer texts are for revision purposes and where fuller ex- planations are too daunting. Despite the concise nature of the material and the inevitable omission of some of the more complicated issues, I believe that this book fulfills its purpose and will support the education of clinical practitioners in the glorious art.

MRI at a glance Ebook PDF download


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