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At a Glance Psychiatry sixth Edition

We are delighted that medical students, psychiatrists and GPs in training and other mental health professionals (as well as their trainers) continue to bene t from the concise summary of key practical information about the practice of psychiatry which Psy- chiatry at a Glance provides. We have updated the sixth edition to ensure that it is up to date with regard to the h edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and with current National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines.
We would like to thank Philippa Katona and Mike Carless for their continuing patience and support.ntroduction and presenting complaint: Mr John Smith is a 36-year-old Caucasian man, a mechanic, admitted to Florence Ward three days ago after police detained him on Section 136 for acting bizarrely in the street. He is now on Section 2. He thinks his neighbours are plotting to kill him.

At a Glance Psychiatry sixth Edition eBook PDF

History of presenting complaint: Mr Smith last felt free from worry four months ago. Since witnessing his neigh- bour staring at him, he has believed this neighbour and his wife are intercepting his mail, using a machine so no one can tell that the letters have been opened. He sees red cars outside, which he thinks the neighbours use to monitor his movements. After an altercation on the street three days ago in which he accused these neighbours of pumping gas into his at, he has believed that they want to kill him or force him to move out so that they can purchase the property. He denies low mood. He cannot rule out the possibility he might defend himself against the neighbours but denies speci c plans to retaliate. He denies hearing the neighbours or others talking about him or feeling that they can control him or his thoughts. He has been sleeping poorly. His appetite is reasonable. Collateral history: Mrs Smith con rmed that her hus- band had been very preoccupied for the past month with worries about the neighbours intercepting mail and pumping gas into the at. She witnessed the recent altercation in which her husband was verbally but not physically aggressive to the neighbours.


The neigh- bours are a retired couple who are polite and consider- ate. Mr Smith has become withdrawn, staying mostly in the kitchen, the only room he believes is ‘safe’. He has been hostile to his wife at times this week, which is unu- sual. This occurred when she questioned his beliefs. He has never threatened her or their daughter.
Past psychiatric history: Mr Smith has seen a psychia- trist once before, aged 8, when he was diagnosed with ‘emotional problems’. His GP diagnosed depression when he was 24 and prescribed uoxetine, which he never took. He believes he was depressed for a couple of years in his mid-20s but denies mental health prob- lems since then. No previous psychiatric admissions. He has never taken medication for mental illness.

At a Glance Psychiatry sixth Edition