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Surgical instrumentation an interactive approach 2nd Edition Ebook PDF download

Surgical instrumentation an interactive approach 2nd Edition Ebook PDF download

Surgical instrumentation an interactive approach 2nd Edition Ebook PDF download Surgical instrumentation is one of the most important aspects of a surgical procedure. Surgical instru- ments can be considered an extension of the surgeon’s hands. When the surgical team knows the proper name, handling, and use of each in- strument, it enhances the quality of the surgical procedure. As a learner this can be extremely overwhelming due to the multitude of instru- ments and their similarities.

Learning instruments is much more than just recalling the name. The idea for this text came about after years of watching my students struggle with this. They could often recall the names, categories, and specialty area, but could rarely explain what it was or how it was used. I saw a pressing need for a product that had not only clear, detailed photos, but also addressed common uses, gave insights about instruments, and allowed for in- teraction. Whether you are a student, surgical technologist, rst assistant, registered nurse, or physician’s assistant who is working in surgery, in central service, or product sales, this instru- mentation book with interactive exercises will help you, the learner, gain vital core knowledge about instrumentation.

The text is organized into 14 chapters, starting with the basic instruments. Chapter 1 is an over- view of instrumentation, followed by Chapter 2, designed to introduce the learner to the funda- mental instruments. These are the basic essential instruments that can be seen in any instrument set, regardless of specialty area. The text then moves through commonly used instruments in the 12 different surgical specialty areas. Keep in mind that instruments may vary according to facil- ity, surgeon, and procedure. To conserve space, some instruments may be addressed in one spe- cialty area and are used by other specialties, but these will not be repeated. Within each chapter, the instruments are grouped according to their category – accessory, clamping and occluding, cutting and dissecting, grasping and holding, probing and dilating, retracting and exposing, suc- tioning and aspirating, suturing and stapling, or viewing.

Each page contains one to two instrument monographs with a consistent presentation of each, including:
• Large, clear, full photo with detail.
• Name: states proper instrument name.
• Other name: states alternate name or names
that the instrument may be called.
• Description: brie y describes instrument char-
• Use(s): lists common uses and/or areas of use. • Instrument insight: explains key information
about the instrument.
• Caution: expounds on some of the dangers
that can happen when handling instruments.
Enhanced Evolve resources include the invalu- able interactive component of this product. Access to the Evolve site requires a pin code (found in the inside front cover). Once registered, the interactive activities will give you the ability to interact with the instruments, taking your knowledge to the next level. No other product on the market offers this type of interaction. Included are:
• Digital image library: includes all of the pho-
tos from the book with the ability to zoom in and out, and rotating views of more than 100 instruments.
• Audio pronunciation: allows the learner to click on the audio icon and hear the proper name for each instrument.
• Drop-and-drag exercise: allows the learner to place instruments onto a Mayo tray from select procedures.
• Timed audio identi cation exercises: chal- lenges the learner to identify the instrument in 5 seconds or less. The instrument is asked for, and the learner has to choose the correct instrument from a set of images.
• Flash card exercises: the learner clicks the card image, and it ” ips” to reveal its name, category, and discipline.
• Small fragment xation set: allows the learner to explore a small fragment set. This exercise lets the user open the set and investigate each tray. The learner can view animation of the tray being opened;

Surgical instrumentation an interactive approach 2nd Edition Ebook PDF download

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