Master techniques in surgery CARDIAC SURGERY Ebook PDF download

Master techniques in surgery CARDIAC SURGERY Ebook PDF download

Master techniques in surgery CARDIAC SURGERY Ebook PDF download

Master techniques in surgery CARDIAC SURGERY Ebook PDF download This series of mini-atlases is an outgrowth of Mastery of Surgery. As the series editor, I have been involved with Mastery of Surgery since the 3rd edition, when I joined two greats of American surgery, Lloyd Nyhus and Robert Baker, who were the editors at that time. Surgical atlases were common in those days, and Mastery of Surgery was one of several quality atlases which existed then; of particular quality were those by Dr. John Madden of New York, Dr. Robert Zollinger of Ohio State, and two others, with which the readers may be less familiar. The first was by Professor Pietro Valdoni, Professor of Surgery at the University of Rome, who ran 10 operating rooms simultaneously, and as the Italians like to point out to me, one physician to three popes. One famous surgeon said to me, what can you say about Professor Valdoni? “Professor Valdoni said to three popes, ‘take a deep breath,’ and they each took a deep breath.” This superb atlas, which is not well known, was translated from Italian by my partner when I was on the staff at Mass General Hospital, Dr. George Nardi. The second was a superb atlas by Dr. Robert Ritchie Linton, an early vascular surgeon whose atlas was of very high quality.
Atlases, however, fell out of style, and in the 4th and 5th editions of Mastery of Surgery, we added more chapters that were “textbooky” types of chapters to increase access to the growing knowledge base of surgery. In discussing with Brian Brown and others at Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, as well as with some of the surgeons who subsequently became editors of books in this present series, it seemed that we could build on our experience with Mastery of Surgery by creating smaller, high-quality atlases, each focusing on the key operations of a sharply circumscribed anatomical area. We have accomplished this due to the incredible work of the editors who were chosen for their demonstrated mastery in their fields.

Master techniques in surgery CARDIAC SURGERY Ebook PDF download Why the return of the atlas? Is it possible that the knowledge base is somewhat more extensive with more variations on the various types of procedures—that as we learn more about the biochemistry, physiology, genetics, and pathophysiology in these different areas, there have gotten to be variations on the types of procedures that we do on patients in these areas? This increase in the knowledge base has occurred simultaneously at a time when the amount of time available for training physicians—and especially surgeons— has been steadily declining. While I understand the hypothesis that brought the 80-hour work week upon us, which limits the time that we have for instruction (though I do believe that it is well intentioned), I still ask the question: is the patient better served by a somewhat fatigued resident who has been at the operation, and knows what the surgeon is worried about, or a comparatively fresh resident who has never seen the patient before?
I don’t know, but I tend to come down on the side that familiarity with the patient is perhaps more important. And what about the errors of hand-off, which seem to be more of an intrinsic issue with the hand-off itself (which we are not able to really remedy entirely), rather than poor intentions?
This series of mini-atlases is an attempt to help fill the void created by inadequate time for training.

Master techniques in surgery CARDIAC SURGERY Ebook PDF download  We are indebted to the individual editors who have taken on this responsibility and to the authors who have volunteered to share their knowledge and experience in putting together what we hope will be a superb series. We have chosen surgeons who are inspired by their experience of teaching residents and medical students (a high calling indeed), a quality matched only by their devotion and superb care they have given to thousands of patients.
It is an honor to serve as the series editor for this outstanding group of mini-atlases, which we hope will convey the experiences of an excellent group of editors and authors to the benefit of students, residents, and their future patients in an era in which time for education seems to be increasingly limited.

Master techniques in surgery CARDIAC SURGERY Ebook PDF download



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