EPIDEMIOLOGY Fifth Edition Leon Gordis Ebook PDF

EPIDEMIOLOGY Fifth Edition Leon Gordis Ebook PDF

EPIDEMIOLOGY Fifth Edition Leon Gordis Ebook PDF In recent years epidemiology has become an increasingly important approach in both public health and clinical practice. Epidemiology is the basic science of disease prevention and plays major roles in developing and evaluating public policy relating to health and to social and legal issues.

EPIDEMIOLOGY Fifth Edition Leon Gordis Ebook PDF Together with laboratory research, epidemiology is now used to identify environmental and genetic risk factors for disease and to shed light on the mecha- nisms involved in the pathogenesis of different diseases. The heightened media attention that epidemiology has recently received has major implications for health care providers and policy makers as well as for epidemiologists. As a result of this scrutiny, the approaches, methodology, and uses of epidemiology have garnered increasing interest from an ever- broadening group of professionals in different disciplines as well as from the public at large.
This book is an introduction to epidemiology and to the epidemiologic approach to problems of health and disease. The basic principles and methods of epidemiology are presented together with many examples of the applications of epidemiology to public health and clinical practice.

The fth edition of this book retains the general organization and structure of the previous editions. In this edition, a list of learning objectives has been added at the begin- ning of most chapters to help direct the reader’s attention to the major issues to be found in that chapter, and a number of new review questions have been added at the end of certain chapters.

EPIDEMIOLOGY Fifth Edition Leon Gordis Ebook PDF The fth edition consists of three sections. Section 1 focuses on the epidemiologic approach to understanding disease and to developing the basis for interventions designed to modify and improve its natural history. Chapter 1 provides a broad context and perspective for the discipline, and Chapter 2 discusses how disease is transmitted and acquired. Chapters 3 and 4 present the measures we use to assess the frequency and importance of disease and demonstrate how these measures are used in disease surveil- lance—one of the major roles of epidemiology in public health. Chapter 3 discusses measures of morbidity, and Chapter 4, measures of mortality. Chapter 5 addresses the critical issue of how to distinguish people who have a disease .

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