Exam preparatory manuals for undergraduate surgery Ebook PDF

Exam preparatory manuals for undergraduate surgery Ebook PDFΒ The editors are thankful that this text is a reliedon source for training and crafting surgeons on a global basis. This is due in large part to the extraordinary efforts of our contributors, the leaders in their fields, who not only do so to train up-and-coming surgeons, but to impart their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of patients worldwide. The recent inclusion of many international authors to the chapters within is ultimately a testament to mentorship, albeit on a broader scale, and we thank them all, both near and far.

To our fellow editorial board members who have tirelessly devoted their time and knowledge to the integrity and excellence of their craft and this textbook, we extend our gratitude and thanks. We are to thankful to Brian Belval, Christie Naglieri, and all at McGraw-Hill for the continued belief in and support of this textbook. We wish to thank Katie Elsbury for her dedication to the organization and editing of this textbook. Last, we would like to thank our families who are the most important contributors of all.

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