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Clinical pearls in Cardiology E-book PDF download

Clinical pearls in Cardiology E-book PDF download

Clinical pearls in Cardiology E-book PDF download patients of information-handling practices through various means (e.g. posting notices, brochures and pamphlets, and/or through discussions with patients) • obtain the patient’s expressed consent to disclose information to third parties ■ under Ontario privacy legislation, the patient’s expressed consent need not be obtained to share information between health care team members involved in the “circle of care.” However, the patient may withdraw consent for this sharing of information and may put parts of the chart in a “lock box” • provide the patient with access to their entire medical record; exceptions include instances where there is potential for serious harm to the patient or a third party

Clinical pearls in Cardiology E-book PDF download secure storage of information and implement measures to limit access to patient records • ensure proper destruction of information that is no longer necessary • regarding taking pictures or videos of patients, findings, or procedures, in addition to patient consent and privacy laws, trespassing laws apply in some provinces • CPSO published policy is designed to help Ontario physicians understand legal and professional obligations set out under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, the Medicine Act, 1991, and the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004. This includes regulations regarding express or implied consent, incapacity, lock boxes, disclosure under exceptional circumstances, mandatory reporting, ministry audits, subpoenas, court orders and police, as well as electronic records and voice messaging communications:  • it is the physician’s responsibility to ensure appropriate security provisions with respect to electronic records and communications.

This book is not available at this time.removed due to dmca violation notification..

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