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Imaging and Metabolism Ebook PDF download

Imaging and Metabolism Ebook PDF download

Imaging and  Metabolism Ebook PDF download

Imaging and Metabolism Ebook PDF download Both Metabolism and Molecular Imaging have recently received an increased nterest across many scientific communities—especially with the emergence of the personalized medicine paradigm and the desire to better understand disease processes in a nondestructive and noninvasive manner.

Imaging and Metabolism Ebook PDF download Molecular imaging, as its name implies, is a field that lies squarely at the
nidus of molecular biology and traditional medical imaging and is situated at
the intersection of various disciplines—biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, genomics, pharmacology, and engineering. Over the past two decades, two factors have acted in concert to fuel the ascent of molecular imaging in
both the laboratory and the clinic: an increased understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease and the continued development of in vivo imaging technologies, ranging from improved detectors to novel labeling methodologies.

Taking cancer as an example, both the cellular expression of disease biomarkers and fluctuations in tissue metabolism and microenvironment have
emerged as extremely promising targets for imaging. Indeed, the field has
produced effective molecularly targeted agents applied with a wide variety of
imaging modalities, from fluorescence and luminescence to nuclear imaging
and magnetic resonance.With molecular imaging as a means to probe the inner workings of a cell, metabolism represents the fundamental biochemical processes that facilitate life. In the past century, an immense literature has been established elucidat-
ing the interconnected reactions, which transform nutrients into building
blocks and functional cellular components and generate energy. Interestingly,
metabolic reactions can establish a steady state that provides differential cell
function and when derailed, in response to genomic or environmental changes, can result in a wide range of disease phenotypes. Moreover, dynamic aberrations in metabolism can lead to epigenetic regulation of gene expression, further manipulating cell function and even potentially cell fate deci-
sions. With a reemergence of metabolism to the forefront of biochemical research, novel molecular imaging tools allow for the ability to further connect disease states with their fundamental causes.

Imaging and Metabolism Ebook PDF download

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