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JIPMER Anatomy Multiple choice Questions (MCQ) ebook PDF

JIPMER Anatomy Multiple choice Questions (MCQ) ebook PDF

JIPMER Anatomy Multiple choice Questions (MCQ) ebook PDF Technology has advanced and some of it has found their place in Forensic Medicine. Forensic radiology—use
of radiological techniques (not the ubiquitous ‘virtopsy’) in assisting forensic work has resulted in a quite a few clinical radiologists taking special interest and training in forensic radiology, as there are vast differences between imaging and techniques possible in the living and dead. At an undergraduate level, textbooks of quality such as these should incorporate key features where its techniques are now baseline for diagnosis or investigations in some forms of sudden death, identification parameters, deaths from barotraumas—especially diving deaths, etc.

But I would not be surprised if the inclusion of these would get the candidates into trouble during their exams, as many of the examiners are still anachronistic in their understanding of many of these topics, and Have never put any of them to use.

Modern concepts such as brain death—related to organ harvesting, is an important concept which will feature quite a bit in clinical practice, as it is doing overseas. The young medical graduate should be brought onto a sound basis on these by textbooks such as this.

JIPMER Anatomy Multiple choice Questions (MCQ) ebook PDF

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