Endoscopic Spine Surgery Second Edition Ebook PDF

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Second Edition Ebook PDF

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Second Edition Ebook PDF

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Second Edition Ebook PDF r decades, endoscopy has been widely embraced in many
medical and surgical disciplines, but its use has lagged in the management of spine disorders. Now, with the refnement of endoscopic tools, it is possible to achieve the long-sought goals of minimally invasive procedures for spine patients: short hospital stays and early functional recovery. Endoscopic technology has advanced to the point where practitioners can now access, visualize, and treat spine pathologies that were previously accessible only by open surgical means. With the detailed step-by-step guides in this book, neurosurgeons can successfully use endoscopic skills in the treatment of their patients

The intended audience for this text includes all surgeons nterested in furthering their knowledge of diagnostic and treatment options available for spinal disorders, including practicing physicians, fellows, and residents. This book may
also be of interest to nurses, physical therapists, chiropracors, and medical device professionals. With the detailed
step-by-step guides in this book, surgeons can successfully learn and use endoscopic techniques in managing the spine disorders of their patients.
This second edition of Endoscopic Spine Surgery contains over 1,000 images, including photos of procedures and
medical illustrations. In addition, the accompanying videos contain actual cases illustrating spinal pathologies and
procedures. The videos range from case demonstrations to step-by-step technique demonstrations. The images, videos,
and accompanying explanations supplement understanding
and provide substantial insight for the nascent and seasoned
surgeon alike.

This book is organized anatomically, starting with
procedures for the lumbar spine and ending with procedures for the cervical spine. It ofers an in-depth look into diferent approaches to endoscopic spine surgery as well as nstruments used to treat various spinal diseases presented
as step-by-step procedures. The text is organized in bullet
points with numerous illustrations, making it easy to fnd
specifc information.
The cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions have subtle microanatomical diferences, and even a skilled surgeon
can become disoriented because of the narrow endoscopic view. With this in mind, the book contains descriptions and
images of what the surgical team will see when viewing  various structures endoscopically. Other helpful information
includes how to best surgically approach the thoracic spine  an how to efectively remove pathologies, calcifed disks, and
osteophytes that can cause symptomatic foraminal stenosis.

Not only are these procedures and techniques addressed, but each section ofers suggestions on how to avoid surgical complications—knowledge as important as how to conduct
the surgery itself.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Second Edition Ebook PDF


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