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Long Cases in GENERAL SURGERY 2nd Edition

Long Cases in GENERAL SURGERY 2nd Edition

Long Cases in GENERAL SURGERY 2nd Edition

Long Cases in GENERAL SURGERY 2nd Edition I am happy to see the extensive response of the first edition of my book Long Cases  in General Surgery by the undergraduates and postgraduates. The mega hit of the first edition compelled me to make the second edition with utmost care and with recent updates.

I had worked with my best efforts to make the second edition reach  the needs of the students completely.

The book includes all the recent updates with added cases on Obstructive
Jaundice and Peripheral Vascular Diseases which are very important for post-graduates. I made standard references for all the quotes and added more tables  and color photographs than the first edition.

When I wrote the first edition, my aim was to bring a “complete impact”
about the cases that the students must not go for other reference books for any
other details. That is the reason for the success of the book, when I enquired the
students. In this second edition, I followed the same principle with more and more  viva questions, illustrations and photographs.

The aim of the book is, when students enter the examination hall, they should
know all the possible questions that can be asked by various examiners in each and  every case.

I am happy to inform the students that the Short Cases in General Surgery by
me will cover the topics which are not covered in this book. I thank to the students who are about to make the second edition also a great success in future.

Long Cases in GENERAL SURGERY 2nd Edition

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