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Davidson’s Self-assessment in Medicine ( 2018 ) Ebook PDF download

Davidson’s Self-assessment in Medicine ( 2018 ) Ebook PDF download

Davidson's Self-assessment in Medicine ( 2018 ) Ebook PDF download

Davidson’s Self-assessment in Medicine ( 2018 ) Ebook PDF download Since Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine was first published in 1952, over two million copies have been sold and the book has acquired a large following of medical students, doctors and other health profes- sionals all over the world. It has been translated into many languages, most recently Russian and Polish, and has won numerous prizes, the last edition receiv- ing an award from the Society of Authors and the Royal Society of Medicine.

Davidson’s has endured because with each new edition it has evolved to provide compre- hensive updated information in a format suitable for its contemporary readership, and yet it has remained con- cise and easy to read. This 21st Edition has been exten- sively updated and revised, but has not increased in length or size.
Since its beginnings, Davidson’s has sought to explain the basis for medical practice. The integration of ‘pre- clinical’ science with clinical practice is now a feature of many undergraduate medical curricula, and many students use Davidson’s from the outset of their medical course. In recognition of this, the first part of the book, ‘Principles of Medicine’, highlights the mechanisms of health and disease, along with the professional and ethical principles underlying medical practice. Many examples of clinical problems are included to bring the medical sciences to life for the new student and to reju- venate the interest of the experienced clinician. The sec- ond part of the book, ‘Practice of Medicine’, covers the major medical specialties. Every chapter has been rewrit- ten for this edition to ensure that it reflects the ‘cutting edge’ of medical knowledge and practice, pitched at a level of detail to meet the needs of candidates preparing for examination for Membership of the Royal College of Physicians or its equivalent.

Many of the innovations introduced in recent edi- tions have been warmly received. We have retained the ever-popular ‘Clinical Examination’ overview pages and the patient-orientated approach in the ‘Presenting Problems’ sections, while enhancing the book’s practical content with a new series of ‘Emergency’ and ‘Practice Point’ boxes. Embedding horizontal themes within the book—for example, with the ‘In Old Age’ boxes—has been applauded, and we have extended this approach by adding ‘In Pregnancy’ boxes in relevant chapters. The inclusion of both SI and non-SI units in the last edition proved popular and has been maintained.

Davidson’s Self-assessment in Medicine ( 2018 ) Ebook PDF download


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