Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine, Latest Edition Ebook PDF


Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine, Latest Edition Ebook PDF


Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine, Latest Edition Ebook PDF Introduction
The 1st edition of the Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine (1999) was the work of Michael Eddleston and Stephen Pierini, both junior doctors at the time. It filled a gap between handbooks of clinical medicine, which were unsuitable for use in resource-poor settings, and WHO
guidelines, which were appropriate but not available in a collected format. For the 2nd edition (2005), Robert Davidson and Robert Wilkinson became co-editors, and international experts contributed sections. For this 3r d edition, Andrew Brent joined the team as co-editor, and the multi-contributor format has been kept.

As well as the four editors, 48 international experts have brought their wealth of tropical medical experience to this new, expanded edition. New sections have been added, reflecting the fact that medicine in the tropics is not just ‘tropical medicine’ in the old-fashioned sense of parasitic and infectious diseases, and fresh illustrations have been included. Guidelines from the WHOand other sources have been incorporated where possible.

We have tried to make this edition wiser as well as more comprehensive. Several sections now have ‘Paediatric’ boxes, highlighting special features in children, and ‘Public health’ boxes, with important information on disease control and prevention. At the same time, we have tried to restrict the length so it might remain affordable in most countries and pocket-sized.

Making this book specific to your local areas — a request Clinical medicine differs in different environments and it is impossible to write a handbook which will be ideal for all continents and both urban and rural settings.

However, we feel that there is enough in common across the tropics for a book like this to be useful to doctors, medical assistants, and nurses, supplying them with advice and guidance, often drawn up by the WHO. Readers will have to be critical and selective,deciding what is relevant for their own circumstances and facilities. The blank spaces and pages have been left to allow each reader to make notes, adapting the book to his or her circumstances. We expect the reader to attack the algorithms with pencils, changing them to reflect
their experience of local practice. We wish to stimulate, not prescribe.

Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine, Latest Edition Ebook PDF


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