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ANESTHESIA FOR NON ANESTHESIOLOGISTS Ebook PDF Anesthesiology is one of the least understood medical specialties. The
drugs and equipment are specialized to a point where physicians in other fields
have little knowledge of how they work. Moreover, the specific techniques
and concerns of anesthesiologists regarding patient care are scarcely known
outside of the specialty.

Most physicians have had a paltry amount of training in anesthesia, if any
at all. Within many medical schools, there is no requirement to rotate in
anesthesiology; if required, the rotation is seen sometimes as a means to
practice intubations and place IVs for a period of two to four weeks, instead of
actually learning anesthesia techniques and practices.

As their role in patient care has stretched outside of the operating room,
anesthesiologists have found that there is often frustration and even conflict in
dealing with other specialties that do not understand the concerns and necessities that accompany this practice.

Why is NPO important? Why does
the patient need to see a cardiologist pre-operatively? Why would the patient
benefit from using Drug A vs Drug B? These questions come up not only in
the operating room, but on the obstetrical floor, in the endoscopy suite, in the
critical care units and elsewhere.
It is the authors’ hope that this book, Anesthesia for NonAnesthesiologists, will help to decrease such problems. With chapters written by a variety of anesthesiologists and subspecialty clinicians at a major teaching hospital, and edited by experienced academic physicians, the target audience for this work includes physicians, medical residents, and students who wish to understand how anesthesiologists think and why they think as they do.


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