Neuroradiology A Core Review Ebook PDF


Neuroradiology A Core Review Ebook PDF

Neuroradiology A Core Review Ebook PDF

Neuroradiology A Core Review Ebook PDF The certification examination by American Board of Radiology (ABR) requires targeted preparation for a
timed, computerized, image-based, multiple-choice testing platform. The main purpose of this book is to
serve as a consolidated resource by providing practice questions and relevant study material to bridge any gaps in knowledge. In addition, this book covers topics in sufficient detail to serve as a referenceguide for practice and aid in preparation for Neuroradiology Certificate of Added Qualifications examinations.

The book is divided in three sections, one for each part of neuroradiology, Brain, Spine, and Head and Neck, in a single volume. The chapters within these sections cover all relevant topics following the
ABR blue print as a guide. The questions have subparts designed with the aim of addressing key concepts, misconceptions, and areas of ambiguity through questions that highlight these nuances.

The discussion provides images with explanations to serve as an independent reference source and aid in quickly
revising concepts prior to the examination. The study material, while focused on the certification requirement, also provides conceptual understanding of important topics with references for additional reading based on the reader’s interest.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Wolters Kluwer, Dr. Biren Shah (series editor), and our numerous contributors from academic institutions across the country for their dedication to this project and enthusiasm toward the shared goal of training the best radiologists, who further the field of
radiology and serve as role model physicians for the coming generation.
We are also grateful to our families for lasting support and encouragement through this long and tedious process requiring countless hours of work. We sincerely hope this book will serve as a useful comprehensive resource for future radiologists and neuroradiologists.

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