Five Steps to Start Your REFRACTIVE SURGERY A Case-Based Systematic Approach eBook download

Five Steps to Start Your REFRACTIVE SURGERY A Case-Based Systematic Approach eBook download

Five Steps to Start Your REFRACTIVE SURGERY A Case-Based Systematic Approach eBook download Refractive surgery is one of the major fields in ophthalmology. It is a rapidly growing and
developing field. A better understanding of corneal biomechanics, etiology of complications  and pathophysiology has added a lot to this field in terms of improving diagnostic devices,  laser profiles, surgical techniques and IOL technology; but above all, a better approach of the  candidate.The reader will find in this book a modern perspective on this field. A five-step systematic approach is applied in this book.

Step one consists of chapters 1 to 4 dealing with corneal imaging and its clinical application in  refractive surgery. It deals with corneal topography, tomography, wavefront science and anterior  OCT. What is new and unique in this regard is that any information is presented in relation to its clinical application in terms of diagnostic, avoiding complications or management purposes. To achieve this purpose, abundant images of high quality are included.  Step two consists of chapter 5, which deals with major refractive procedures.

Laser  procedures, phakic IOL implantation and refractive lens exchange were discussed in terms of new technologies, new laser ablation profiles, surgical techniques, indications, conditions,  contraindications, advantages, pitfalls in addition to clinical hints and pearls. This chapter is  supported with a high number of tables that compare between refractive options and aid the  reader to take the right decision.

Step three consists of chapter 6. This step was designed to be a step before approaching the candidate. All rules, laws and recommendations in the refractive field were assembled, supported  with examples and presented in a manner that is easy to access and easy to apply.

Step four is the start-off step. It includes chapters 7 and 8. Chapter 7 presents a thorough  detailed approach of the candidate in relation to refractive applications, clinical and surgical  aspects, and avoiding complications. Chapter 8 presents complications that can be avoidable.

It discusses every complication in terms of etiology, predisposing factors, symptoms and signs,  and management. This chapter is supported with high quality and informative images.

Finally, step five that consists of chapter 9 is a clinical case study. Nine clinical examples were  carefully selected. They are presented in a practical method, and discussed in a systematic critical  thinking in order to build in readers the skills that are necessary in their practice.
It is my hope that readers will find in this book the requisite links between the science and practice  of refractive surgery.

The surgical outcomes and quality of life of patients undergoing refractive surgery has steadily improved. The promise of refractive surgery rests in our singular focus on our  patients’ quality of life and quality of vision. Continued improvements in our field are dependent on  enhanced technologies and superior training. To this end, I offer this book as a complement in order  to assist ophthalmologists in becoming better educated about the ever-developing field.

Although this book is aimed at all those who need some initial assistance in starting their  refractive surgery, this book is also aimed at providing current and future refractive surgeons  with up-to-date information. There are sure to be some errors, as the ophthalmology editor, I take full responsibility for  these and look forward to being further educated.

Five Steps to Start Your REFRACTIVE SURGERY A Case-Based Systematic Approach eBook download

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