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Lippincott Macnab’s Backache fourth edition eBook PDF Free

Lippincott Macnab’s Backache fourth edition eBook PDF Free

 Lippincott Macnab's Backache fourth edition eBook PDF Free

Lippincott Macnab’s Backache fourth edition eBook PDF Free he fourth edition of Macnab’s Backache is an enhancement and update of the concepts Ian committed to paper 30 years ago. Today, those concepts are even more relevant to the serious scholar of clinical back pain.
The diagnosis of patients with spinal complaints has always been a complex affair. The key to accurate evaluation and treatment of patients is a thorough understanding of pathoanatomy. This area was Ian’s forte. It is notable that the “Macnab concepts” were formulated in an era before magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized axial tomography (CAT scans), and many other present-day tools of investigation and analysis. These modern technologies have only served to confirm the descriptions published in the first edition of Backache. Macnab’s basic concepts are, therefore, timeless. As the authors of the fourth edition, our responsibility lies in allowing readers of this edition to embrace these key concepts in a contemporary context. To accomplish this goal, we have shaped the fourth edition in a “back-to-basics” format supplemented by more current imaging and references.

The previous third edition was a wide-ranging expansion of the original
Backache monograph into a comprehensive reference directed toward the spine surgeon. It remains a valuable tool for that group and for subspecialist physicians. For the fourth edition, part of the governing “back-to-basics” principle includes a return to the core audience that Macnab envisioned for the original work. The first Backache monograph was written as a primer for orthopedic residents, fellows, interns, and medical students.

The high incidence of back pain in our society today and the diverse clinical settings for spine evaluation and treatment suggest that this edition would also be pertinent to the education of practitioners in a variety of physician subspecialties such as neurosurgery, neurology, physical medicine, and rehabilitation, occupational medicine, radiology, emergency medicine, general internal medicine and family practice. In addition, the book is appropriate for physician’s assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners, nurses, workers’ compensation case managers, administrative law judges, and industry sales representatives wanting a clearer understanding of the spinal conditions present in patients they encounter and help care for.

Lippincott Macnab’s Backache fourth edition eBook PDF Free

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