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The 5 minutes Clinical Consult 25th Edition eBook Free

The 5 minutes Clinical Consult 25th Edition eBook Free

The 5 minutes Clinical Consult 25th Edition eBook Free

The 5 minutes Clinical Consult 25th Edition eBook Free A colleague was recently overheard describing all that was wrong with health careÑthe electronic
record, ICD-10 and the new billing rules, conflicting guidelines, and the loss of the Òold days.Ó Delivering health care has always required learning what is new and juggling a variety of needs. Delivering personalized health care is an even greater challenge. Medicine is also the most rewarding of careers and it is the best Òjob.Ó We collaborate with others who share a mission to help people live better and partner with patients to meet their goals and provide care as they suffer through their illnesses.

We are so incredibly fortunate to have a job where we deliver, on a daily basis, care which is congruent with our belief that we can make the world better, one patient at a time. Consider your friends outside of medicine, can they say their daily work is consistent with making the world a better place? I suspect it is far greater a challenge for them to find happiness. We picnic in summer, despite the mosquitoes, and we endure the cold to ski (or, at least enjoy a place by the fireplace with a good book). The annoyances should never prevent us from seeing the incredible good we do and from missing the happiness it provides.

Welcome to the 2017 edition of The 5-Minute Clinical Consult. This is a book of diseases, diagnostic methods, and treatment recommendations. Much of the work provided by primary care
providers is focused on helping the patients help themselves to be healthier. Diet, exercise, safety, and prevention are the interventions that provide the greatest number of people with the greatest return on longevity and its enjoyment.

In our role, we do more than diagnose and treat disease. Yet, when you listen to patients’ stories, or touch them, their burden is in some way lifted. We are a place for patients to turn when they are in need, sometimes when they have no place else to turn. Our role is more than preventing and treating illness. We are leaders. Asking a recently widowed
person how he or she will get through tomorrow is more than a condolence, it is a therapeutic intervention.

Prompting an Òat-riskÓ teen to use contraception, avoid drugs, or consider higher education are all therapeutic interventions. Dropping an email to your state legislator about a pressing issue affecting your patient population and stating publicly your opinion about important community issues are all components of your position and role and more valued than you

The 5 minutes Clinical Consult 25th Edition eBook Free


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