Oxford Cardiology Emergencies Latest Edition

Oxford Cardiology Emergencies Latest Edition

Oxford Cardiology  Emergencies Latest Edition

Oxford Cardiology Emergencies Latest Edition This handbook is part of a series published by Oxford University  Pres that serves as a guide for residents, fellows, physician assistants,  and medical students. Each handbook addresses emergency conditions within a specifi c specialty that may be faced both on the wards  with hospitalized patients and in the emergency department.

Because ED physicians have a special training in the management
of emergency conditions, and because those trained in the subspecialties have in-depth expertise in disease management, we have  combined the best of both worlds. Each volume in this series is coauthored by an emergency physician and a specialist within the particular field. This approach insures that the information and advice  herein is both comprehensive and practical to the settings of both  hospitalized and emergency department patients.

This book is divided into three parts. The first deals with acute  presentations and is designed to help you quickly determine the  diagnosis and order the appropriate tests. This section is extensively  cross-referenced to specifi c cardiac conditions later in the book.
The second section addresses specifi c conditions. It describes the
presentation, investigation, and management of all the common (and
some uncommon) acute cardiac problems.

The authors have used
their specialist knowledge to present the relevant vital diagnostic  steps and early management plans. This section also includes chapters on important cardiology problems in which an urgent cardiology consultation may not be immediately available. This includes sections on the management of potentially challenging problems
such as arrhythmias (and implantable defi brillators), cardiac issues
in pregnancy, management of cardiac problems around the time of
surgery, emergencies in adults with congenital heart disease, and the
management of cardiac trauma.

The final section provides clear descriptions of how to perform
common practical cardiac procedures. It also includes a chapter on
the art of EKG recognition with a library of example EKGs to help
pattern recognition.

Oxford Cardiology Emergencies Latest Edition



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