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Oxford Desk Reference Toxicology

Most physicians will see patients with poisoning. Their management is a common clinical problem, and appropriate assessment of potential severity, likely clinical features, and  available treatments are key to optimal clinical care.

This book provides a source document for the theoretical and practical aspects of
clinical toxicology and covers acute presentations to hospital following accidental or  deliberate overdose; accidental exposure to natural toxins; effects of drugs of abuse;
exposure to chemicals and radioactive substances particularly following workplace
exposure or environmental release, including that by terrorists; and interpretation of the  public health implications of poisoning, both incident management and epidemiology.


The book is designed to support the learning needs of doctors in training and will
also provide an evidenced-based reference for those managing patients in clinical set-
tings both in the UK and internationally. The authors have been chosen because of their
expertise in the areas being addressed, which will ensure that the book is a valuable
resource for all health professionals working with poisoned patients