LANGE Current Surgical Procedure eBook PDF Download Free

LANGE Current Surgical Procedure eBook PDF Download Free

Current Surgical Procedures is a new book intended to provide straightforward, modern guidance to common procedures performed during general surgery training.Directed at a mid-level surgery resident, the information should be equally useful to medical students, physicians assistants, higher level residents and other staff who benefit from an accessible resource to outline the key features and steps of these operations. Preparation by the faculty and house staff of the University of Michigan ensures the compilation of expert approaches to these

LANGE Current Surgical Procedure

• All new drawings illustrate the current methods for these procedures.
• Templated presentation of the material simplifies rapid review.
• Inclusion of expected benefits, potential risks, preoperative preparation and contraindications provides a
foundation for obtaining thorough informed consent prior to the procedure.
• Step-by-step presentation of key procedure steps.
• Coverage of postoperative management, potential complications, and clinical pearls complete a concise resource for timely review.


Airway management is of particular concern. Preoperative  consultation should alleviate positioning concerns while ensuring proper airway safety during the