Anesthesia in Day Care Surgery Download


Anesthesia in Day Care Surgery Download

Anesthesia in Day Care Surgery Download


The goal of ambulatory anaesthesia is to maximize the quality of patient care. We
must provide anaesthesia with a smooth onset, good intraoperative conditions, and
rapid recovery with minimal symptoms, culminating in our patient’s return to nor-
mal function.

“Fast tracking” embodies an enhanced, overall anaesthesia care and recovery  process, focusing our efforts even more on the return to normal function as
rapidly as possible. This requires the integration of preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care elements.

Anesthesia in Day Care

Patients’ cooperation is essential in all stages of the ambulatory surgical experience, From preparation through recovery at home. Also, patients’ expectations about what  will happen must be appropriate so that they are satisfied with their care.


The requires good preoperative and postoperative education. Education must address the  patients’ educational needs (what they want to know) and informational needs (what  they want to know). The patient has become the focus of the ambulatory surgical  experience, and should be invited to participate in all decisions that are not truly medical judgment issues.

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