Big Book of Emergency Department Psychiatry PDF Download


Big Book of Emergency Department Psychiatry PDF Download

Big Book of Emergency  Department Psychiatry

Length of stay in the emergency department can be significantly reduced when a solid discharge plan has been developed with the help of the patient. Once the psychiatric patient is admitted to the emergency department, discharge planning must start. Discharge planning is a multifaceted endeavor that includes multiple staff and support persons directly and indirectly involved in the patient’s care. Any discharge plan that is developed must be viable in order to reduce the chances that the patient ends up returning to the emergency department shortly after discharge.

Big Book of Emergency Department Psychiatry

Emergency department staff may find it difficult to interact and engage with some patients that present with psychiatric complaints. The importance of effective rapport-building with this population cannot be stressed enough. It is vital that any emergency department develops and implements effective patient rapport-building education and training for all staff, with an emphasis on interactions with patients presenting with psychiatric illness.


A strong rapport with the patient can go a long way in terms of reducing potential job stress for the direct care staff and the  frustration levels in the patient, which can lead to a reduction in potential violent episodes and hence staff injuries occurring in the emergency department setting.

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