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● Focus must be on “CONCEPTS” while preparing DNB…..Their single liners are having so much of concept behind that….be careful…?
●Focus more on last 5 yrs MCQS of DNB and AIPG; 3years of PGI;AIIMS and your own notes.


(Note:-DNB they recently had asked many topics of AIIMS/PGI so just have a look on those important one)
●Keep revising some “HIGH-YIELD ” topic everyday( say 2 hrs everyday in morning ..)surely u will have few questions from them..
●Sort out most frequently asked topic in these exams and revise them with good speed.

● Focus more on subjects like medicine ,surgery,obg,patho, pharma, skin anesthesia,ortho,radio ,skin and anatomy.

● Everyday try to finish question- answer of 1 year paper to find out your weaker areas …and improve threafter….

●Quick review of diagrams and statements given below it, from your standard text books.

●Never loose hope in this last moment….this time will decide your uplifting of rank…

#Special tips during dull and depressive hours ——

■ Donot neglect your own notes , few hours of studying them will cover many high yield facts and uplift your morale for studying some more (keep aside your MCQ books for few hours or days, if it looks monotonous!!!!!)

■ Do it for few hours or few days, you will find new energy in yourself and confidence will be rejuvenated .

■ This will save your crucial time and revision of few topics or subjects will be covered successfully

■ Dull feeling comes in phases of 1 to 3 days and spoils our crucial preparation time ; so these few hours/days are another battleground to fight tactfully by revising notes

■ Take one chapter and see all the diagrams and observe info given below it

■ Start discussion of some high yield topic with your friend ,it will also motivate you.

■ By doing things like above mentioned, you can hold your nerves and successfully overcome those dull moments of few days /hours.

● Once you have regained momentum then again restart your MCQ oriented preparations.

■Keep repeating like this and NEVER GIVE UP.

■ Aim should be not to loose a single moment in frustration and utilise it to maximum level.


“Hard work and agony of sacrifice will never go in vain,it will be returned one day with compound interest in the form of “Glorious VICTORY”


✍Revision is the key to the success in this competitive exam.
?Why should you revise ??
?There is only one reason why you should revise. THE SUBJECT IS VOLATILE. And you cannot remember everything you read, you should focus not the topics you want
?How may times?
This is the most toughest and most confused in the minds of aspirants. First answer to this should be individualised..
✅ A minimum of revising a subject two times is MUST.
✅ If you can do it more than two times well and good..!
✍How to revise ?
The most common mistake done by aspirants is they read, read and read…… The biggest mistake is they do not solve MCQ’s, if you ask me that’s a death sentence for you.
“”Without solving MCQ’s you are going to be no-where. If that’s your plan WAKE UP””
I would say an ideal time to start revision is by mid August, if you have not finished your portions don’t mind. Spare 2 hours of each day for revision.
How to go about revision:
Take a note first. Divide it into 3 parts
1) Silly mistakes
2) Wrong concepts
3) Memory based errors
For example you are revising anatomy upper limb and lower limb today, by evening solve some 50 questions from that topic –> This is must. Then analyse it. Analyse with the above three things in mind.
1) Write down your silly mistakes (this should never be repeated)
2) Write down the memory based mistakes (this should be revised again in the last 15 days)
3) Read back the things where the entire concept is wrong – So any question from that should be tackled
Now the number of questions you solve must increase.
If you have followed the above method, your silly mistakes WILL reduce. It will believe me. !!
Now the note should be into two.
1) Concepts wrong
2) Memory errors
Mostly by second revision your concepts will be strong, but memory based errors will continue. So take a note of them again.
Sit for continuous THREE HOURS and write minimum of 5 mocks ! (Again this is must, if you don’t get time for 3 atlas do 2 mocks fully)
Advantages: The fatigue of sitting three hours in exam and the mental drain you should be used to. Else it will be tough if you sit for the first time in exam hall
??Last 10-15 days – Take the first and second book. Read the concepts wrong and memory errors….. And any tough topic if you have.
?LAST DAY BEFORE EXAM – Sleep by 8 or 9, before sleeping READ YOUR SILLY MISTAKES …! That should not be repeated in the exam.
Rock on. ! All the best. 🙂

?Hope this will help your​ preparation???

Medical Pg preparation Materials subject wise:-

1)Anatomy — HAMS notes and booklet by Dr.Rajesh kaushal+Class notes ( Dr Rajesh Kaushal sir/ DrAshwani kumar sir’s Notes and his Anatomy Forum).

2)Biochemistry review —- Dr Rebecca james.

3)Physiology — review of physiology Book by dr Soumen Manna and class notes /dr Ashish.

4) Microbiology—-Dr Apurba shastry.

5) Pharmacology– Dr.Ranjan Patel Conceptual review of pharmacology / Dr Gobind Rai Garg +Class Notes and Class notes of Dr.Ranjan kumar patel and CPR classes(Conceptual Pharmacology Revision )”

6)Pathology–“Concepts in Pathology ” book by dr Devesh mishra+ ?Concepts? in Pathology (3/edition)” Class notes +Robbins Images &Tables

7)PSM– dr Vivek jain + Class notes.

8) Surgery — complete review of surgery by Dr Rajamahendran +Class notes.

9)Medicine– Dr Thameem sir’s class notes/Dr. Shubh Vatsya forum +Mudit khanna (selected topics).

10)Obs and Gynae by dr Puneet bhojani./Sakshi Arora

11) Radiology review — by Dr Rajat jain / Dr Sumer sethi + class notes.

12) Orthopedics –Dr Apurv Mehra+ ODD (Ortho Dhoom Dhadaka ) class notes

13) Forensic medicine by–Dr Sumit seth/Dr.Akilesh class notes

14) ENT –Dr Manisha budhiraja

15)Opthal—Dr.Vineet Sehgal and Ophthalmology made easy notes./Dr.sudha Seeta raman

16) Pediatrics – Review of pediatrics by Dr Taruna Mehra/Dr Meenakshi/ Dr. Apurv

17) Psychiatry-Dr.Praveen Tripathi

18) Dermatology-Arora /Dr.Akilesh class notes+Images from Neena khana

19) Anesthesia -Arora/class notes

We hope you won’t forget us after you have received your PG SEATS ..

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